Healthy Wholesome Salad-Master Salad Recipe

Master Salad Recipe

Hey, in this pollution surrounded environment, we want to and definitely need to have something which is really healthy and at the same time, it must enhance our taste buds. This dish must be easy to prepare should not take much time and people of all age group must enjoy.

So let’s start with a unique salad. By the name of salad you guys, must be frowning, Salad! How can it be tasty, but yes! Salads can be tasty too. Believe me. And the salad which I am going to share is made up with simple ingredients that you can get in the market. People who are staying in suburbs and small towns- for them all products are not always available but today the salad which I am going to share can easily be made with products which can be easily available.  Come let’s start. Once in the finish this I will also share what are the health benefits of master salad which you can find in next article. This salad must be prepared at least once every week. I will share the recipe in vegetarian, non- vegetarian and even eggetarian mode.

First of all get these ingredients from the market.

Recipe for preparation of two or three people. (as a wholesome food)

General ingredients

1-    One medium sized Onion

2-    Two to three green chilly

3-    Half cup of sweet corn kernels (fresh is best, if not then you can also use preserved one.)

4-    One small sized broccoli/ Cauliflower (Broccoli is best if Broccoli is not available use Cauliflower)

5-    Lettuce (you can use any kind of lettuce as per your choice if it is not available use few soft and tender leafs of cabbage)

6-    One tomato

7-    Seven beans.

8-    One capsicum- you can use green color. Or else if you want to add some more colors to your salad you can add red and yellow bell pepper.

9-    Half cup of bean sprouts and brown chickpea (boiled)

10-    Two crushed garlic

11-    Half tea spoon of crushed ginger

12-    One carrot

13-    One beet root

14-    Six pieces of mushroom

15-    Few strands of Coriander leaves (for garnishing)

16-    Few mint leaves. (optional) (for garnishing)

Special ingredients for vegetarian

  1. One hundred grams of paneer

Special Ingredients for Eggetarian

1-    One to two boiled egg

Special Ingredients for Non- vegetarian

1-    Three hundred grams of boneless chicken boiled

Masala or Spices required:

  1. One tea spoon of salt.

Tips- **Keep salt low as it is good for health.

  1. Half tea spoon of sugar powder.

Tips: **You can use sugar-free as that is better for your health.

  1. One tea spoon of black pepper powder
  2. Half tea spoon of coriander powder (optional)

Other elements required:

  1. Two table spoon of mayonnaise.
  2. Two table spoon of shredded cheese (though cheese is available everywhere, people who are allergic to it avoid it. Kids love to have food with cheese and its healthy for them to, as it has lot of calcium)

Oil to be used for preparing and dressing

  1. Olive oil (olive oil is now available at all places)

Preparation process

Step 1.To start with, first wash all the vegetables mentioned above- broccoli/ cauliflower, carrot, beans, lettuce/ cabbage leaves, beet root, mushroom, corn kernels, onion, garlic, ginger, coriander and mint leaves, red/yellow bell pepper or capsicum, tomato. Washing is very necessary as nowadays vegetable are grown using a lot of pesticides so it is best to wash it well.

Step 2. Next, you need to boil the black chickpea and bean sprouts. Soak them at least before four hours for quick boiling, add half tea spoon of salt while boiling as it kills all germs and also helps to quicken your boiling process. Once it is boiled let it cool down.

Step 3. Now, cut or dice all the vegetables except lettuce /cauliflower leaves, ginger, garlic, tomato, onion, chili.  Once diced, put a pan of water with half tea spoon of salt so that once the water starts to boil put all the vegetables except lettuce into it and blanch them for four to five minutes. This process will help your vegetables to get cooked and in the same time, it will be free from all pesticides and other chemicals. Once done take it out from water and let it cool.

Step 4. Crush the ginger and garlic and chop the onion into cubes as per the shape of your choice.

Step 5. Put a pan on flame and add three table spoon of olive oil into it. Once the oil gets hot add crushed ginger and garlic. Then add onion and tomatoes which are diced. After that, add all the vegetables and boiled sprouts into it and just toss it well for two minutes and put the flame off and let it cool.

Step 6. In a bowl mix all the vegetables, sprouts and add one tea spoon of pepper powder, green chili, coriander powder (optional), two table spoon of mayonnaise, one to two table spoon of shredded cheese and half tea spoon of sugar powder/ sugar-free.

Step 7. Let it cool down for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 8. In case you are vegetarian, add cottage cheese/ paneer. Now to add paneer you need to dice it into shapes and size you want. Cube size will look best. The paneer dices must be tossed and slightly fried with olive oil and a pinch of salt before adding it to the salad.

In case you are Eggetarian, add two boiled eggs, cut it into slices before you add to the salad.

In case you are non-vegetarian, take three hundred grams of boneless chicken cut it into strips, boil it with a pinch of salt. Once it is boiled drench it and toss it or slightly fry it with olive oil.

Serving process:

Take a plate as per your choice, put lettuce or cabbage leaves on it and serve the which you have prepared, then add paneer/ cottage cheese or boiled sliced eggs or shredded chicken pieces over it. For garnishing use coriander leaves and mint leaves.

Enjoy it with friends and family. Please do not forget to share your feedback, people who are having more such healthy recipes of salad please feel free to share with me, it will get published here. Write to me at

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