Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber Became Parents

Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber Became Parents

Good news for all Sunny Leone fans out there! Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber is following the trail of Bollywood and Hollywood stars who are adopting babies from various parts of the world. Now it is time for Sunny Leone. Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber recently adopted a twenty-one-month-old baby girl from Latur district, Maharashtra. Sunny just fell love since they saw her at an orphanage. Since then she decided to bring her home. It took three months to complete the formalities for adoption. Now the baby girl is at their home. The baby girl is named as Nisha Kaur Weber. The girl only can speak in Marathi as she learnt from orphanage. The first word she could manage is Bye, Bye. Sunny and Daniel planned to start a family but due to their hectic schedule it was not feasible for getting a biological child, but this does not really matter to them, for them Nisha is their first child and they are now really happy with it. Many congratulations Sunny and Daniel! Wish you happy parenthood ahead.

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