The Story Behind Indra known as “Sahashraniana”- The God with Thousand Eyes

The Story Behind Indra known as “Sahashraniana”- The God with Thousand Eyes

Indra, the most controversial God we have always heard of. The story of Indra having thousand eyes is though a curse, which has a story behind it. Come let’s hear one of the mythological stories of Hindu religion.

In the past, Lord Brahma – out of curiosity – had created some beautiful girls, among whom; Ahalya was the best, possessing the highest virtues. Brahma wondered who could be the most appropriate person to look after this girl and thought of Maharishi Gautama, who had the best virtues, sanity and profound intelligence and knowledge of the Vedas. At the time of handing over Ahalya, Brahma told Rishi Gautama to bring her back when she turned young. Rishi Gautama took care of her, brought her up and when she turned young, he took her back to Lord Brahma. Brahma got amazed seeing Gautama’s truthfulness and solemnity. Ahalya was blessed that she will always have the body and beauty of the 16-year-old girl. All Devas and Asuras got attracted by her and wanted to possess her. Lord Brahma declared that he would marry Ahalya to one who will travel around the Earth and come back first.

Hearing this all Asuras and Devas started their mission. But Rishi Gautama got back to his ashram and saw a Kamdhenu that is a cow taking birth, seeing this he understood the prominence of the creator and took a round of the cow and the sibling. Seeing this Brahma got impressed while seeing this through his meditation powers and told Rishi Gautama that the cow giving birth was related to seven islands and the Shivlinga was representing earth. Brahma describing this allowed him to marry Ahalya. Other Gods and Rishis got jealous seeing their marriage. Brahma as a gift gave them Brahmagiri and asked them to dwell there so that their all wishes get fulfilled.

Lord Indra got jealous and kept on stalking Ahalya. Indra used to keep any eye on every movement of Rishi Gautama, when he left his cottage and other details, such as when he went for a bath and when he used to go for puja. Indra plotted against Gautama in order to fulfill his illicit desires. He took Moon in confidence and asked to take the form of a cock and make Gautam wake up much before dawn so that he can fulfill his illicit wishes. And Moon did the same, Guatama hearing the crowing he went for his holy bath. Indra taking the advantage of the situation and took the form and looks of Rishi Gautama and perused Ahalya. Ahalya with the help of her powerful yogi powers could understand that this was into Rishi Gautam but Lord India. But she got flattered and found Lord Indra so charming and refuted his illicit request, but on further when Indra seduced her, she got moved and got convinced to commit the sin.  After the consummation, she regained her senses and asked Indra to leave immediately. Indra immediately tries to exit from the place before Gautama comes. In the mean time, Rishi Gautama was present there and saw everything.

Rishi Gautama immediately cursed his wife, Moon, and Indra. Moon due to the curse of Maharshi Gautama carried the dark spots. He cursed his wife that she will lose her form and become a stone and become invisible to the world unless Lord Vishnu comes to this place and sets his foot. Gautama cursed Indra that let his body be covered with that which he seeks always and he must lose that is required to unite with it. This means he cursed Lord Indra that his body must be filled with vaginas and he loses his male organ. Cursing all he left for the Himalayas. Indra since then became a joke and kept on hiding from all male and female deities and others. Seeing this tragic condition, all Gods went to seek Brahma’s help.  On request, Lord Shiva put his grace in Indra and all the valves were transformed to eyes. That is how Lord Indra came to be known as Thousand Eyed God. Later when Lord Rama came to the hermitage, she regained her form and joined her husband, Gautama and started to dwell with him on the Himalayas.

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