Purab Kohli is Happy to Have his Love Child- Inaya

Purab Kohli is Happy to Have his Love Child- Inaya

Fatherhood for Purab Kohli has brought lots of happiness to him and his family. Purab Kohli has been “the out of box” father as he wishes his daughter to take birth and she must be able to participate in his wedding ceremonies. He wants his daughter Inaya to be the love child.

The day when Lucy Payton knew that she is pregnant, they were extremely happy and wanted to get the baby in this world. Though parents asked to get married immediately but Purab did not want to take any hasty decision, just because he is becoming father, neither Lucy wanted. They wanted to take their time. As Lucy is a British is girl, she and her mom wanted to give birth to baby there in London. Currently Purab wants to bring his daughter Inaya and Lucy Payton Mumbai by end of this month. Purab is redoing his Mumbai apartment so that he can fit his family need.

Inaya is now one and a half months old, the actor was busy shooting for Rock On 2, when she rushed to London to see his new bon baby. Lucy Payton is a UK based yoga teacher.

Purab and his fiancée have decided to get married by next year, but though the date is fixed. Being unmarried they took a bold decision to give birth to their love child without getting married. But most probably by next June they will tie the knot. Purab declared Inaya as “lovechild” and really she is!


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