Healthy Food to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Healthy Food to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

“Eyes are the most valuable gift that God has provided to every Human Being which opens us to a new world each day!”
It’s our eyes which make us get acquainted with our world from day one of our birth. But we often ignore it and forget to take care of it due to our busy schedule. And this ignorance creates a huge issue for us as days pass and that is why people now mostly have glasses at a young age. So let’s see how we can take care of our eyes, by very small gestures and natural way. We need to allot very less time for this and definitely we can do it I guess, rather than investing on medicines at a later age.

First, we will check what we can incorporate into our daily food habits so that our eyes remain healthy.


Spinach- One of the natural resources which are rich in vitamin A, E, C and B. It also has great minerals like zinc and iron. The chemical components into it zeaxanthin and lutein are excellent for keeping our eyes healthy. It keeps cornea and eye muscles healthy and helps to prevent cataract and muscular degeneration.

Carrot- The beta carotene in it which turns to vitamin A is simply superb for your eyes. Mothers should start carrot for their babies from very small age so that it protects your baby’s eyes from very small age.

Broccoli- It is well known super food. It has a lot into it. It has lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin B. It protects your eyes from blurred vision, eye stress and exhaustion.

Avocado- Avocado though not available at all places, especially small town, still at metropolis you can find it in the big grocery store. Avocado has beta carotene, lutein, vitamin E, vitamin B, Vitamin c. Lutein reduces the sensitivity of your eyes towards the light.

Berries- It is the powerhouse of antioxidants. It has rhodopsin component which improves blood circulation and helps in cell regeneration.

Nuts and Dry Fruits- Nuts have omega 3 fatty acids, best for your eye sight. People who have poor eyesight, do not stop from having nuts, have a handful of almonds, cashew, walnuts as per your choice. All raisin lovers good news for you, have raisins daily at least ten soaked in water, this will help your body to get rid of toxins and your eyes too.

Fish- People who are non- vegetarian, have a lot of fish, which are low in mercury and high in omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel and lot more are there.

Eggs- Have eggs, as they are a rich source of protein. As protein is building block it will help eye muscles to regenerate. Add it to breakfast.

Some Combi Food “Nuske” or Tips for Your Better Eye Health

Have black pepper with honey. Add half tea spoon of crushed black pepper to one table spoon of honey and consume it on daily basis and notice the difference, this will help to improve your eye health.
Do you remember our grandparents used to use copper vessels? This really works, try to consume water from a copper glass and store water in a copper jug. This has great healing properties. Store water in copper jug during the night and have it in morning.

You can also drink wild rose tea if you can manage to have it. It has iron, sodium, organic acids, vitamin A, E, K, B1 and B2, which improves the elasticity of eyes.
Mix cardamom seed with honey, and have it daily this will help you also, to have healthy eyes.

So, follow these steps and above mentioned food and keep your eyes healthy and evergreen. Keep rocking!

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