Significance of Auspicious Festival Raksha Bandhan

RAKSHA BANDHAN – The Unifying Bond of Love between Brothers and Sisters.

Indian celebrates many festivals in a year. We are extremely lucky that we are Indians we have lots of chance to forget our sorrow, tensions, workload etc. Just because of our regional festivals before many days we start preparation for every festival and feel joy in our mind and get peace.

As we know festivals give us happiness and on another side, some festival ties up with our spirit, yes I am talking about Raksha Bandhan.

It falls on Shravan month full moon day as calculation of Hindu calendar. It’s not only a festival it’s a feeling which ties up with the thread of love and is bound with promises and duty. Brother always stands with his sister to protect her. And sister prays to God for her brothers bless him with lifelong with prosperity healthy wealthy.

This festival is not only an example of great love between brother and sisters but it also ties the souls together.

Mythical Story on Raksha Bandhan

In our childhood, we have listened to many stories about Raksha Bandhan. I have remembered the story about Yama and Yami (Yamuna). As per Shiv Purana, the story goes in this way- The Sun God was married to Vishwakarma’s daughter Samina. She was extremely beautiful and had more power than her husband. They had three children out of their marriage named Yama, Yamuna, and Manu. But Samina could not bear the dark form of the Sun God, and flew away to her father and created a shadow form of hers, named as Chaaya and asked her to stay with Sun God. Chaaya and Sun God had a child. And Chaaya being a stereotypical step mother, used to love her own child more and neglected Manu, Yama and Yami/Yamuna. Manu accepted this but Yama revolted and he Yama threatened to crush Chaaya with his foot, and angry Chaaya cursed him that let his foot falls. When Yama complained this to Sun God, he realized this cannot be his wife Samina and forced Chaaya to tell the truth. Once she revealed all the truth, he went to Tvashta in search of his wife Samina. He learned the truth as she could not bear the energy of her husband she did all these. Tvasthta in this occasion chiseled off Sun’s energy a bit so that Samina can stay with him. In the mean time, Sun protects and saves his son Yama from Death but could save him from the curse. And that is how Yama became God of Death.  Being immortal twins of Sun and Samina, Yami became so sad that she could not see her brother anymore and used to mourn. Seeing this Gods decided to turn Yami to God of Night known as Yamini who bridges the sunrise and sunset and her tears flowed as river Yamuna.

Since then Rakhsabandhan has become a festival which unites brothers and sisters. Though the story of Yama and Yami is getting apart and still remain immortal and connected for ever. Yama is the God of death and Yamuna is the holy river that flows in India both are brother and sister. Yamuna tied Rakhi on Yama’s wrist. He promises to protect her and blessed every sibling who will tie rakhi on brother wrist and brother promise to protect his sister he will be immortal.


As I feel sisters love brothers a lot and she can do anything for brothers’ happiness and same brothers feel. Even after getting married their sisters they adore their sisters try to pamper because they get apart from each other and wait for Raksha Bandhan festival eagerly.

It’s a humble request to Indian sisters please don’t purchase foreign make Rakhi. If u want to bless your brother so give pure love with handmade rakhi or you can purchase rakhi from those shop who are making handmade. This will be a contribution to those Indians who are hard working for their siblings.


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