Mixed Vegetable Soup

Oil Free Mixed Vegetable Soup

Nowadays people are concentrating having less oily food. Even they are looking for food which is cooked by zero oil and can be replaced with a meal. So, in that case, the recipe need to nutritious. So I am sharing one recipe which I tried in my kitchen today and which is completely delicious. People like me who always want to have something tasty; this recipe is catering my taste buds too. It will definitely be your choice too. One more thing this recipe is for beginners and even college students can try this recipe. So let’s start.


We will start with the ingredients which you need to have:

  1. One medium sized green capsicum finely chopped
  2. One medium sized carrot finely chopped
  3. Ten mushroom buttons finely chopped.
  4. Ten French beans finely chopped
  5. One medium sized finely chopped onion
  6. Four cauliflower florets or you can even have celery finely grated
  7. Half cup finely grated cabbage finely grated
  8. One tea spoon of butter (this is optional as you can cook this without oil or butter)
  9. One bay leaf
  10. Two tea spoons of whole wheat flour
  11. Two cups of vegetable stalk
  12. One tea spoon of black pepper powder
  13. Salt as per taste, I used one tea spoon of it
  14. One cup of milk


To start with you need to chop all the vegetable carrot, French beans, mushroom, green capsicum. Remember to cut all the vegetables in one size. I have chopped all vegetable to half inch size. Once you finish these, grate cabbage and cauliflower finely and keep it aside. Also finely chop an onion and keep it separately.

To prepare vegetable stalk you need to use all the peels of vegetables, wash it and boil it in water and once it gets boiled strain the water and this is ready for use as a fresh vegetable stalk. This vegetable stalk is extremely nutritious and this will make the soup healthier.


To start with heat a big pan, and add one table spoon of clear butter into it, you can opt it too. Add the bay leaf once the oil gets heated. Add chopped onion to it, sauté it till it becomes translucent. Once done, add chopped carrot and French beans to it, as this takes a little longer time to cook than other vegetables. After two minutes of sautéing it, add mushroom, grated cauliflower to it. Cook it for two minutes. Add one table spoon of the whole wheat flour to it as this will help in binding and thickening the soup. Add vegetable stalk to it. You can add two cups of the vegetable stalk. Cook it for two minutes and as it will come to boil add one cup of milk to it. Now add cabbage and capsicum to it as it will give the crunchiness to the soup so we had added it at last. Add one tea spoon of pepper and add one tea spoon of salt or salt will be as per taste. Now let it come to boil. This will take four minutes.  Now it is done. The color of the soup is lovely and creamy.


Now take a big serving boil if you are having it for your dinner or lunch. Now, this is similar to a whole meal with a lot of nutrition and with no fat. This recipe will help you to fill your stomach, serve your taste buds and at the same time this will help you to cut your fat. Enjoy your soup and please do not forget to share your feedback with us at hello@paanchforon.com or even you can comment in the box below.

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