Health Benefits and Uses of Shilajit

Shilajit- The Wonder Medicine from Nature

Hey, please don’t get into the pre-assumed thoughts which you have about Shilajit. Due to some advertisement I still remember when we were small and unaware of this we used to giggle a lot seeing the advertisement of Shilajit, whenever it used to come on television. This happened as these advertisements were portrayed in a wrong way. SHILAJIT is a wonder medicine gifted to us, by nature. Shilajit is one of a unique substances available in the world.

What is Shilajit

The Scientific name of Shilajit is Asphaltum. It’s a form of biomass. It is basically formed due to compression of several organic materials which is formed between rock layers since thousands of years. It takes centuries to develop and formed due to slow decomposition of plants. And in summers this biomass gets discharged out of fissures which lie in between the rock of Himalayas. You can even take it as a blackish-brown colored herb. Reference of Shilajit has been found back in 3000 BC in Ayurvedic texts. People used to have Shilajit as a health rejuvenator. Even you can find its reference in Charak Samhita and in Shrangdhar Samhita where Shilajit is mentioned as Rasayana. People in foreign countries started use of it back in 1890. Shilajit is loaded with medicinal properties such as humans, fulvic and humic acids. It also has selenium and minerals. It’s a nutrient rich biomass. Click to the read more button mentioned below to read the whole article.

How Shilajit Works

Shilajit contains energy production component known as dibenzo alpha pyrones. It is widely known as an energy provider. It helps to vanish your weakness instantly. It has a lot of medicinal properties. Let us find some of them. It helps your body to get rejuvenated. Shilajit helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body cells rapidly. It provides instant energy to your blood cells. It helps to get rid of free radicles from your body. It is a natural anti-oxidant.

Benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit helps to

  1. Get instant energy in your body
  2. Helps to boost memory
  3. Improves mood
  4. Regenerates cell and tissues
  5. Boosts immunity system
  6. Prevents blood-related issues and diseases
  7. Helps in absorbing vital nutrients
  8. Provides sharp intelligence
  9. Balances blood sugar level
  10. Increases the Testosterone level
  11. Improves human growth hormones
  12. Prevents aging your cells
  13. Helps liver to secrete enzymes
  14. Heals gastrointestinal disorders
  15. Prevents heart issues
  16. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
  17. Helps to detoxify your blood cells
  18. Helps to get rid of joint pain

How to use

Shilajit has a pungent and bitter taste. So people have it with milk. Nowadays it is even available in the form of capsule, liquid, tablet. At times Shilajit is often prescribed with Ashwagandha to enhance the effects of Shilajit (even spelled as Shilajeet).

Shilajit is widely available in India, in Himalayan rocks especially. Male and female both can use Shilajit. There is no prescribed age for using it. But still, it is better to consult any Ayurvedic doctor, before you start it. But before you buy beware of duplicate Shilajit. Purchase good brands as that will help you to get the authentic product. Please comment your views in the comment box below or write me at

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    Read your article.its quite impressive and useful.we almost know the benefits of shilajit and also have been using it.only problem we come across about its purity. Can you suggest some good and reliable brand on the basis of your experience or research you have made in this field.Thnnk you.

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    Nice post. Thanks for sharing these benefitsof shilajit with readers. It was very helpful and I enjoyed it reading.

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