How to Get Rid of Diabetes


“Health is Wealth”- the health mantra we keep on listening from childhood. Our parents used to get always concerned about our health and taught us very well that we shouldn’t neglect our health as this is the only treasure which remains with us until end of our life. It’s really true and now I feel it’s really a fact when I look at the world many diseases spreading in the world. Due to lack of attention our health pays and we start suffering from young age. We keep on neglecting our health and spend money on medicines and hospitals.

Nowadays one of the diseases is very rapidly growing in this world that is Blood Sugar. Not only in India even in the US, most of the population is getting affected with this disease. Blood Sugar is dangerous for our life. Whoever suffering from this problem they should take care of their self. They need to follow proper routines, food habits.

There are 2 types of diabetes are there

  1. High sugar
  2. Low sugar.

Symptoms of Blood Sugar

  1. Feel tired
  2. Weight loss
  3. Feel thirsty
  4. Urine issue

So today I am going to share some Healthy tips to control Blood Sugar which I have applied in my family as my father in law and mother in law both are effective with blood sugar.

Before I tell you some home remedies I would like to inform you that exercise is best for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients should walk daily at least for 30 min.

Bitter gourd (Karela) is good option to control Blood Sugar.

Bitter gourd is helpful to control blood sugar. It is best for diabetes. Now I will share with you the gem recipe how to make bitter gourd juice. Bitter gourd is good to take while you are in fasting.

Take 2 or 3 bitter gourds extract the seeds from the gourd. Grind it to juice, add some water and take it while you are on empty stomach every morning. Diabetic patients should add Bitter gourd in daily food too. Ready made karela juice is also available in the market.

Amla is good for diabetes.

Amla juice is easily available in the market either you can purchase it from the market or can make at home.

How to make Amla juice

Take 2 or 3 Amla, take out the seeds from it. Grind it well. Take a clean cotton cloth to squeeze out juice then add some water to it and take the mixture every day while you are fasting (empty stomach).

Diabetic can also mix two table spoon of Karela (bitter gourd) juice also with Amla juice.

It is a great remedy to control diabetes if you have high diabetes this process will be helpful.

Blackberry (Jamun) is also controlled diabetes. Blackberry seeds and leaves are used for treating diabetes.

Aloe Vera is also used to control diabetes.

Aloe Vera is good for Blood sugar. It is also available in the market from many brands.

You can make at home also if you have the plant of aloe vera at your home. Soak one inch of aloe vera leave in a glass of water for whole night then drink it in the next morning in empty stomach. You can also have one spoon of aloe vera juice every day.

Fenugreek seed (Methee Daana) can control blood sugar level.

Add two spoons of Fenugreek Seed (Methee Daana) and soak it in a glass of water overnight then chew it properly in morning when your are having empty stomach. Drink a glass of water after that.

These are some home remedies to control your diabetes. Diabetic patients can follow these steps and can control their diabetes.

Diabetic patients please avoid foods with high sugar level.

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