The Anomaly

The Anomaly of R

I’m frigid, I’m deep, carelessly seeing the world go by,

I cannot mix, dwelling in my own world as people sway with the tide.

I’m deep, capable of talking when no one listens to me-

I converse with myself since I have no friends free. I live by my own terms, not dictated by common norms

I find pleasure where most would rather not storm.

Imaginary, prancing my fingers on tricksy volume of air,

I derive my solitude and solace from unrealistic affairs.

Bipolar one shouts, schizophrenic the other-

The real world is a world apart which only brings despair.

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Rajat Subhra Sen

“Everything you can imagine is real.”- Pablo Picasso From a very early age works and styles of different authors inspired me to dabble in writings of my own and I took every possible opportunity to use my fingers to the fullest. Even today, anything that can be a source of inspiration, from an object to a gigantic phenomenon, excites me to wander off to far stretches of imagination all the while remaining rooted to my unassuming existence. It is only recently that I wanted to engage my entire efforts to full time writing and provide fragments of my imagination to avid readers. I’m based out of Kolkata leading a very ordinary life that is expected out of ordinary people. Having sampled the conventional corporate life I’m presently a freelancer writing on various subjects and experiencing freedom and flexibility and at the same time rejuvenating my soul. I also love to travel and have a flair for cooking different cuisines. Of course, everything starts with caffeine in the beginning.

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