Inspiring Story of Singing Sensation from Dhampur

Meet Pushpendra  Chauhan the Music Promoter from Dhampur, Bijnor, UP

Being from a non-musical background to curriculum setter of academic musical course in schools, the journey has been wonderful.

“Never give up attitude” has dragged Pushpendra to open his own institute in Dhampur, which prepares students who are to be the future musical sensation of our country. Socially he has a mission to promote music amongst students of below poverty line in urban areas so that music can be a way for survival for those who have this God-gifted talent.

Pushpendra Chauhan a small town boy from Sedhi

The Childhood Journey

Since childhood days Pushpendra was keen towards music. There was something which dragged him towards it- May be some old connection of past life or some God gifted boon. When he was a kid in his village, The Ramayana and Mahabharata path was organized, he used to get attracted towards it unknowingly. He used to keep on thinking how his voice will sound like in Mike if he sings. He used to copy those Kathas and recite it. He used to go to these Kathas stealthily, hiding from family and started to listen to it and memorize it.  He used to climb from one roof to another (at village roof of all houses remained connected) so easily he could reach the place where Katha was conducted.  He started singing in these Pathas, though he knew his parents will get to know one day, he could not resist himself, the desire and hunger for singing grew more. When he was at the 9th class he started singing in school functions. Even teachers and students used to listen to his song in free periods. But due to his passion, he started to get aloof from studies which led him to fail in one subject in 10th, which led to strictness from his parents and whatever little freedom he got from them all were stopped. He was asked to concentrate on studies. He was even not allowed to go out.  But this could not help him to pass. Getting away from music made him more distracted and next time he failed in two subjects. This was during years 2006. His parents even got disappointed and gave up on him. It was his friend Brijmohan who used to push him towards music and asked him to do further studies in music. He used to run an attachakki, and as he even loved music, he was just crazy about music. He is a very good lyrics writer. And for ten years of Pushpendra’s life, Brijmohan was a great companion and was a great motivator for Pushpendra.  Fun, Masti, learning, singing, recording!- He was a great companion of Pushpendra. He taught Pushpendra to play Congo- a rhythmic instrument. He bought it especially for him and a recorder too- they used to play and sing with it and used to record it for future reference.

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Pushpendra’s Formal Musical Training Episode

One day Dr. Bhupender, cousin brother of Pushpendra came to his parents and asked his parents to leave Pushpendra up to him for one year. Dr. Bhupender is God father for Pushpendra. He is the person who saw, understood and desired to enhance Pushpendra’s skill. As per Pushpendra it is Dr. Bhupender who inspired him to become a singer. Pushpendra’s parents gave permission to him as they trusted him a lot. He brought him to Dhampur and admitted him to Guru Shri Charanpal ji, who is a great and renowned singer during that time in Dhampur and was blind since childhood due to a certain issue, but that did not limit his singing power. Pushpendra started training there. During day time Pushpendra used to work with his brother in his homeopathy clinic and rest time he used to practice singing. Music was Pushpendra’s passion. Pushpendra had to earn his own money to pay the fees for singing classes as his parents were not financially sound to pay his fees off. He used to work with his brother who used to give him ten rupees per day for having juice in evening, which he used to save as he needs to pay the fees for Rs 300 per month for his singing class. Three months he had training. Seeing his growing talent and adapting capability which was far better than other students in the same batch Guruji diverted him towards classical singing. Pushpendra started Classical singing. This gave him a new dimension. He started learning ghazal and other tough composition. Since then people started recognizing him. Pushpendra got famous with time. He started composing his own songs.

Career Struggle and Challenges

Suddenly one fine day principle came from a school of Dhampur to Sri Charanpal ji, for recruiting a teacher who can sing and play well. Pushpendra was then eighteen years old. Guruji recommended Pushpendra ji. He went very next day for an interview. Everybody was shocked to see such a small boy coming for the interview. So he requested to sing one of his compositions. He also sang Raag Vairabhi. But they were confused if he can teach students as he was just of eighteen years. But they confirmed him for the job. Since then life moved on and he started to grow. But struggle never ended. He used to earn Rupees 2000 per month among which Rs. 500, he used to spend on bike petrol and rest used to give it to mom for the home expense.  During this time he learned to play the keyboard. And surprisingly no body trained him on the keyboard, he was a self-learner. But he learned to play guitar from an American Musician named Michel. He got training from Sebastian for piano. Pushpendra was trained by Pt. Bholanath Mishr on classical music. He joined Pushpniketan School, Dhampur. Foreigners used to come to research on music in this school. This school is a very reputed one. Even Pushpendra learned English from them. Pushpendra can even play flute well. Pushpendra says, “If you understand Sargam well, then definitely you can play music well. You can play any instrument based on Sargam knowledge expect violin”. And similarly, Pushpendra could play well all the instruments.  One fine day he got a proposal for providing home tuition.  This way he started to gain fame as a Masterji in Dhampur. He started his own institute named Explore Musical Academy. He needed to invest Rupees 20000 to start the institute. But he had a very low salary of Rs. 2000, from which he could make no savings and he could manage to save of only Rs.10000. He spoke to one his sister Varsha, who managed rest Rs.10000 for him. This helped him to buy and arrange all instruments for the Institute.

Another surprising fact, on the day of the opening of his institute he had his final exam for Prabhakar, i.e. B. Music in music. But he could not manage to give the practical exam as it was at a different place far from the town, which led to disappointment, but fortunately he managed it to give the practical on 19th as the practical went on for 3 days, and he scored first class degree in music, which helped to establish his institute. He later got higher qualifications in music which helped him a lot in establishing his music career. He is a Bachelor in Music in Classical and Light Music. He have completed Senior Diploma in Synthesizer from PRAYAAG SANGEET SAMITI, Allhabad.

Pushpendra says that this was only God’s grace that all things had fallen in right place. Though he belonged to a known musical background family his mother related that Pushpendra’s passion for music can somewhat be related from his grandfather. Currently, he had opened the institute in his own space; previously he used to run the classes in a rented place. Now Pushpendra has his owned space with four different sections. He has his own band named Explore Musical band with students who are under fourteen. Different instrument classes are provided- guitar, synthesizer, harmonium etc. This banned organizes various programs throughout the state and even in the country.

Few Notable Facts

One of the facts- Pushpendra’s first student named Shaurya Singh, who recently became a well-known sensation in youtube. Currently, his students take part in various music programs such as Indian idol, India Has Got Talent, Raw Star, Rising Start India, Little Champs District level Compositions and Government programs and other cultural activities. He sets the curriculum for more than 19 schools in Bijnor.

Pushpendra’s Future Goals

He wants to open a music studio in North India so that recording of music can take place at the initial level. Socially he wants to promote local music in interior among children who cannot afford it. Currently, he has started this initiative. And currently, in his Institute, there are 20 % of students who come from poor family and who take classes for free. He even promotes girl education. Ladies who are victims of family and social harassment, he has created a team for them and now after three months of training these students are well settled and working as a music teacher in various schools. The quality of education and classes are really high in the school. Even his wife Amrita was his student. Singing dragged the connection between them which tied the knot of marriage between them.

Pushpendra says, “Nothing is impossible for him if you have a good and humble attitude and knowledge definitely you will gain success”.

Pushpendra was Uttarakhand idol 2012. He won Bijnor idol in 2013. He got an offer to sing in album during 2014-2015. He was awarded with Navratn puraskar in music by DM of Bijnor. He had sung total fifty-two bhajans. He got a lot of appreciation for his music. Currently, he is on his mission to promote music to a different level altogether.

Good job Pushpendra! Make India proud of you!

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