The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Here is a story for all who were associated with National Cadet Corp- NCC can relate to.  The story is of the year 2008- 2009. School days are the ideal time when students get fully motivated and involved with NCC. Fun, learning, team bonding- lot more that drags you to it. Same had happened here in the story. This story is of Saksham- a below average merit based boy from a small town of Uttar Pradesh, who evolved into an Entrepreneur. Saksham was the youngest son of his family, his father had expired long back when he was of five years old. He and his brother were sent to his maternal uncle’s house for further studies due to the financial crisis. Because of the sudden demise of his father and other family issues, led him to remain distracted and off from the world. During his school days, he joined NCC, just out of interest which later became the most important part of his life.

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Episode 1

“Beginning is never meant to be started without ending a part”

The Sun- source of life on the earth was not so effective on that evening, it was about to finish its job and sank lower in the sky. The view was amazing from the window. Saksham looking at the view took a deep breath and whispered”how lovely these sunsets are!”. He saw the time in his Omega watch, it was 7 PM. Ohh! shit – he shouted!! He was quite busy collecting the preparatory and essential elements for travel and was matching them with the list. He chooses the outfits and other essentials and packs his bag.

It was around 7:30 PM. someone suddenly knocked the door, the visitor shouted, ‘’Saksham?” “Wait, I am coming,” Saksham shouted back from the room, it was a small house in a newly built colony with two northward rooms, corridor, and a far-flung courtyard. Other houses were under construction in that locality. The visitor shouted again and Saksham came out to see the visitor. It was a big iron door and he asked from behind the door, “who is there?”. The visitor replied, “This is Anuj, your Junior Cadet.’’ Hearing that Saksham opened the door. Anuj shook hands with Saksham and he asked, “Are you going tonight to join CATC Moradabad?”. “Yes I am going, how do you know about it?” Saksham replied. “Actually JK Sir told me that you are also going in CATC so I got an idea to join you for the camp, hopefully, i will have a good company and I am definitely a good companion ” saying Anuj winked at Saksham. “Yeah why not, two is better than one”, Saksham replied and got him in. Anuj was an average student and a Junior N.C.C Cadet in Hindu Inter College. He was dressed up with N.C.C Uniform and looked curious to perform. Anuj moved his eyes here and there observing Saksham’s living room. Anuj can never remain silent.

“What you were doing?” Anuj asked to Saksham. “I was busy in packing” Shaksham replied. “But where is your luggage?” Saksham asked. “Actually I gave some of my clothes to laundry yesterday but now the washerman is saying that he will take half an hour to make them ready so I tossed my luggage on his counter to walk hand free. “Anuj said to me and smiled.

“What are you carrying in luggage?” Saksham asked Anuj. “Not much, Just my outfits, essentials and bedding” Anuj replied and Saksham nodded and said, “lesser luggage makes travel easier”.

“When we will leave towards the railway station?” Anuj asked.

“My packing is almost done and I need to get ready, so it will take another 20 minutes to exit from here,” Saksham said to Anuj and both passed smile. Saksham takes the set of N.C.C dress out from the cupboard and gets dressed expediently. Then he put on his shining DMS (Army Shoes). Meanwhile, Anuj asked to Shaksahm, “Did you get the new shoes from N.C.C office”.

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