The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 2

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- Last week Saksham was preparing to attend Moradabad camp. He was sitting enjoying the view and nature from quarter’s window, all of a sudden there was somebody knocking at his door, named Anuj who was a Junior N.C.C Cadet in Hindu Inter College. Anuj was also going to take participation in the camp. Saksham was doing his packing and was having a good conversation with Anuj. They were talking about allotment of new shoes from NCC office. 

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Episode number 2

“My dear three years are going to pass since I join the N.C.C but till now the officers are saying that there is no new arrival, God knows who engulfs the stock and new arrivals. Finally, I purchased this pair from army canteen during the Army attachment camp held at Lucknow.”- Shaksham replied to Anuj and started to blame the current condition of UP Government of those days. Then he took out his badges and name plate and fixed it on his chest. As Anuj was a junior cadet and it was his first camp so he was not well aware of the N.C.C. dressing accessories so he asked several questions about badges, rank and army anklets. And Shaksham kept on answering to his queries, “These badges are momentous of several camps and activities”. Saksham kept on showing the badges one by one and started demonstrating them, “I got this badge from N.I.C (National Integration Camp) Jabalpur, and this one from Army Attachment Camp Lucknow and this one I got from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College Jabalpur for my first Blood donation. These ranks make the difference between cadets and under officer as well and I am one of super senior cadets in college.” Then he picked up the anklets and asked, “What is this?”

Shaksham replied, “These are anklets to fix on foods, it saves us from snake bite”.

Anuj nodded and said, “Nice!! Feeling lucky that I am getting a chance to learn from you.” “Knowledge and perfection comes only from practice and curiosity, if you have only this two virtue then you would be returning with more than sufficient knowledge after the completion of this camp, even I am also going to learn and to gain new experiences”, Shaksham said to Anuj and Anuj nodded as he agreed to the statement.

“Well, you had dinner?” Shaksham asked. “Yes, of course, I had the dinner” Anuj replied and asked, “and what about you?”

“No, I’m just going to eat” Shaksham replied. “Have you cooked something in the kitchen?” Anuj asked and started looking at kitchen side which was in a small corner where all things were placed perfectly and it was looking very neat and tidy. “Nope, actually there is some grains kept in the kitchen to get sprouted so that I can have it for breakfast and dinner as mostly I do so” Shaksham replied and Anuj got surprised that how Shaksham can have such tasteless food twice a day. Meanwhile, Shaksham brought a handful of sprouted grams from the kitchen and raising his hand towards Anuj and he asks with a gesture to Anuj to eat some sprouted grams. Anuj refused to have the sprouted grams and said “No, I cannot eat it, I feel it is bitter in taste, I don’t know how do you cope with it” Shaksham smiled at this and said, “I got used to it and it is also good for health as well as the cooking time is also saved, it depends on my mood and taste, sometimes I cook Rajma Rice also”

Suddenly Anuj came up with a question for Shaksham, he asked: “Well why do you not live with your family?”

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