The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 3

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode, we have read that Anuj has gone to meet Saksham and arom there they were supposed to move towards the camp. Saksham was doing the packing and in the mean while they were discussing various topics such as shoe allotment from NCC, cooking, food and bean sprouts. Suddenly Anuj asked a question that why Saksham does not stay with his family. Now let’s see what happened further:

Episode 3

Shaksham kept quiet for a while, then he said, “Let’s go, the laundryman imposed by closing his shop, now we should leave from here, it is eight o’ clock already”. Then he picked his bag and hung it on the back and in right hand he carried his holdall in which he covered his bedding, he quickly locked the door of his room and kitchen and move towards the main gate of the house, Anuj followed him silently and Shaksham locked the main gate as well.

Saksham and Anuj passed through the street with silence in the dim light of lamp posts. They came on the main market road and Shaksham broke the silence and asked to Anuj, “To whom you give your clothes for laundry” Anuj replied, “to Teja, behind the Tularam’s grocery store near railway station”, “ok” Shaksham admitted and they processed towards Teja’s laundry with swift feet. Teja the washer man, he was the most laborious person with a mustache. His looks made him seem so strict and rude but he was very jolly by nature. We respected him for his work always because he was the reason behind we looked always “impressive” with our neat and clean outfits. He is good and reliable for us.

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Teja was prepared to shut down his shop and meanwhile, Shaksham and Anuj arrived at a run. Before Anuj says something, Teja exclaimed,“Oh my dear, where are you going, are you done with everything?” Teja stared at Anuj as if he is his mother who always remains worried about Anuj. Teja said to Anuj, “What you will do if you forget to collect your clothes from here.” His concerns made both of Anuj and Saksham laugh. They passed smile at each other. Meanwhile, Teja brought out the clothes from the cupboard and he gave it to Anuj. Clothes were well wrapped in English newspaper. Anuj paid twenty rupees for laundry and asked for his luggage then Teja replied, “I had to put your luggage inside, wait for a while, I have brought it already” and he brought out his luggage and again tossed it on counter, then Anuj took his luggage and they moved on towards railway station. They cross the national highway 74 and entered into railway compound.

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