Jhulan Yatra on Jhulan Purnima

Jhulan Purnima- The Festival of Love and Romance

India is a land of diversity. Various regions have various cultures and based on that people come up with different festivals. West Bengal is the land of culture and creativity. “Jhulan Yatra” or“Jhulon Jatra”  is one of such festivals. This is also famously known as Jhulan Purnima. This is such a festival where culture represents creativity through various doll shows done by kids and youngsters at schools, colleges, and Mandir (temples). Basically, this festival is hugely celebrated by Vaishnavas. After Janmashtami and Holi Jhulan is celebrated at a mass and with full vigor at various Krishna temples in Bengal and various other ISKON temples at different parts of the world. This occasion is celebrated in the month of Shravan i.e. monsoon. And mostly it takes place in the month of July or August.

Jhulan Celebration

This year at 2017 Jhulan was performed from 3rd of August till 7th of August. The festival represents the divine love and romance of Krishna and Radha, where Gopis used to take part and enjoying through dance and song. This day is also greatly celebrated in many north eastern region of India such as Manipur and other places. Vrindavan, the city is decorated during this time and the festival goes on till Janmashtami.  Even in Geeta, this festival is quite famous by the name of “Sawan Ke Jhuley”  Mayapur, Mathura and Vrindavan. Jhulan is celebrated with vigor. During the thirteen days of Shravan which starts from the 3rd day of bright fortnight till full moon night of the month which is Rakhi Purnima till then various processions of Radha and Krishna are arranged at various parts of the country on behalf of the temples and Vaishnav groups of these places. This festival is to cherish the love of all lovers. Depicting that even nature blooms with all its vigor during this season, you can see flowers, fruits, and beautiful aroma all around.

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Story Behind Jhulan

On this day Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different parts of India. Jhulan Yatra is a joyful celebration when kids arrange a spectacular decoration of dolls and prepare the swings of Radha and Krishna. It is said that on this auspicious day Lord Krishna and Radha has unfolded their tales of love while seating on a Jhula under a Kadamba tree. According to Vaishnav Padma Bali which describes the courtship of Radha and Krishna, it has been described how Radha took the pain to respond to Krishna’s call, how she used to walk on the path of thorns with bare feet to meet Krishna for Avisaar. The festival is celebrated with song, dance and various other cultural programs. This festival denotes the celebration of love between Radha and Krishna. It represents their romance during the monsoon season, which is denoted as the most romantic season rather mating season.

Childhood Memories of Jhulan

Childhood had a lot of fun. We all at teenage or when we were students used to celebrate such festival with full vigor. Especially Bengalis can relate themselves to Jhulan rather Jhulon a lot. Taking out some time from studies, thinking on various concepts and preparing such beautiful depiction with mud made and ceramic idols was really appreciable. Markets and melas are organized which sells various dolls for preparing Jhulan. Even I still remember of preparing to conceptualize setting of a village with Radha and Krishna swinging under a tree, was just lovely! People whoever have celebrated such wonderful Jhulan at their teenage please share your experience in the below mentioned comment box.

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