The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 4

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode, we have seen when Shaksham was asked about his family, he avoided it very delicately. In the mean time, they went to Teja for collecting ironed clothes and luggage and moved towards the railway station. Now let’s see what happened further:

Episode 4


It was 1st Feb 2009, while entering into a railway station Shaksham was in a deep thought that life is a journey and it takes us to the destination we want to reach but sometimes we are unaware of paths and phases. We spend all of our lives exploring the best possible way to the destination. Anuj suddenly shook Shaksham saying ‘Hello’ to bring him out of his deep thought. “Sometimes you behave strange Anuj murmured.” “What you just have said Shaksham asked Anuj.

“Ohh!! Nothing, it’s so crowded here look” Anuj answered looking here and there. After a small walk on the platform and observing trends inside railway station and they were searching for more fellows.

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Shaksham and Anuj were surprised to see another group of NCC in railway compound. Anuj asked with expressions of wonder to Shaksham, “Who are these guys? They did not belong to our college” Shaksham replied, “May be they would be from MMIC, let see” It was around 8: 30 PM and there was a great hustle and bustle in railway station compound, it is usually a busy station but the view of that day was something else. Nagina railway station was just like a small town railway station and it was a stoppage for few passenger and express trains on that route. Before the arrival of the train, people used to make the long queue at the ticket window and some people come in without a queue and unintended become the subject of dissension. Travelling without a ticket is also the trend, God knows how Indian railway bears this inconvenience. Shaksham and Anuj entered in the railway station and they put their luggage aside and Shaksham said to Anuj, “Stay here with the luggage; I am just coming back by taking a sniff around of that group.”  Those cadets were standing here and there by the flock and were doing comic, Shaksham reached near to a group of NCC cadets and he interrupted them, “Hey! Are you from MMIC?” Shaksham addressed to that group.

“Yeah,” they said. “Who is your under officer?” Shaksham asked quickly.

“Mr. Farhaan,” one of them said, his name was Shreekant,  Shaksham observe it from his name plate by his sharp sight and he called him by his name, “So Mr. Shreekant “, “where is Farhaan???”

Shreekant pointed a guy by his first finger and Shaksham could easily recognize him in the group of around ten NCC Cadets because of his special Red Rank on shoulders. 

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