The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 5

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap– Shaksham and Anuj reached the Nagina railway station which was crowded than other usual days. Shaksham suddenly got into deep thoughts, and Anuj went to take a quick look at other NCC cadet group which reached there at the same station. This group was from MMIC. Shaksham got to know from Shreekant that Mr. Farhan was leading that group. Now let’s see what happened further.

Episode 5

Shaksham walked towards those couple of cadets who were chatting; Shaksham was well dressed up with the NCC dress code and his DMS was shining and making an effective visibility over the railway platform which was enough to catch the attention of that group. 

One of them murmured to another “who is this?”

Before they could reach a conclusion, Shaksham pointed out the rank holder cadet, “Hi Farhaan!”  Shaksham wishes Farhaan saying “Hello!” and he made sure that he is Farhaan by matching his name with his name plate on his chest and he further stated “So you guys are also going to join CATC (combine annual training camp) held at Moradabad.

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“Yeah,” Farhaan said, he starred at Shaksham for a while and observed his name from his name plate, “Shaksham Rajput”, “are you from HIC,” he asked.

“You are right” Shaksham replied.

“I heard about you from your fellow cadets in ATC (annual training camp) held at Kalagarh,” Farhaan said and both of them shook hands.

Farhaan asked, “Why you were not in ATC Kalagarh and how do you come to know me?”

“Actually there was some construction work in progress at my farmhouse so I was stuck with that only, otherwise I was keenly interested to join that camp,” I replied.

“Hmm, well how do you know me? You didn’t reply.” Farhaan asked.

“Actually I asked your fellows who were discussing there over some serious matter,” Shaksham said.

“Hmm may be they are making some plan for fun” Farhaan replied seriously.

“How many total cadets are going with you?” Shaksham asked.

“24, along with me, actually these 23 cadets could not join ATC Camp and it is mandatory to peruse at least one ATC or CATC Camp for eligibility to appear in NCC exam” Farhaan replied. 

“The same problem is with me, I also could not join that camp”, Shaksaham said to him and both of them walked by the end of the platform and they discuss several things while they walked by the end of the platform where they unknowingly went out of the range of RPF, Farhaan brought out a packet of cigarette from his pocket and he offered to Shaksham first. Shaksham observed with sharp sight and make sure that none of the known is nearby him. 

Shaksham remove a cigarette from the packet and hold the cigarette loosely between his lips and Farhaan did the same, then Farhaan brought out the source of ignition from his pocket. It was the wooden lighter and was not less than an imported article. He lighted it and brought the edge of the cigarette and flamed it. He offered the same to Shaksham and then they together puffed a little bit and they did repeat the exercise of filling their mouth with smoke and kept on releasing smoke circles.  

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