The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 6

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- Shsksham got formally introduced to Farhaan via Shreekant and they kept on talking over on topic related to ATC or CATC Camp held at Kalgarh previously which Farhan could not attend due to family commitments. Now let’s see what happened next:

Episode 6

Meanwhile, Farhaan asked to Shaksham, “Where is your fellow cadets, are you the only participant from HIC.”

Nope, Shaksham replied, “fortunately I got a good buddy; he is there with the luggage. His name is Anuj and he is from nearby of the village.”

Farhaan burst with the laugh and hardly could say, “What you will say to the camp officer that you have only one cadet in your platoon.”

“Yeah, of course”, Shaksham said and both of them burst with the laugh. 

“Ohh! Good, Shaksham threw your cigarette, our principal Mr. Ram Bahadur and the N.C.C. officer have come there. Damn, they are looking toward us. Might be they guessed that what we are doing here.” Farhaan said. He was murmuring, might be he was praying to God to save him.   

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“Oh you are smiling, you also would be punished, doesn’t matter if you are not the student of our college but you are an N.C.C Cadet of same BN and we are going to the same camp and you are also in uniform.’’ Farhaan makes Shaksham his partner to give him company during the punishment session. Shaksham said to Farhaan, “I have an idea” Farhaan was excited to know that.

“Tell me soon, what is that,” Farhaan asked curiously. Shaksham brought out two candies from his pocket and he gives him one. “Why is this?” Farhaan asked. “jab Laila ko Karna ho impress to Khao minto fresh.” Shaksham said and burst with a laugh. “In this critical situation, you want to impress the Laila,” Farhaan asked to Shaksham seriously. “Yeah, it will kill the smell, may be they did not notice the cigarette in our hands or if they have a doubt upon us then they will get confirmed once we will go close to report them,” Shaksham said to Farhaan. Farhaan nodded. And one more good action we can take which can help us to get out from this situation. “What,” Farhaan asked excitedly? “Bring your whistle out and arrange a counting pared, when the officer and the principal would ask us that what we both are doing here then we can easily explain that we were searching the place where we can do the counting pared and we found this edge of the platform as the right place where the civilians would not be disturbed due to our disciplinary act and we would also not get disturbed due to unwanted presence of audience” Shaksham put his idea and Farhaan gave a satisfactory look on hearing that. “Shaksham you make the best possible answer and it can work, give me the minto fresh”, he said to me and he took the candy and put in his mouth. He brings out his whistle and whistled it with a long breath for gathering, he passes the signals by moving his hand in the air to come near to him.

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