The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 7

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- Farhaan and Shaksham were having a light talk and was enjoying their cigarette in the mean time the principal Mr. Ram Bahadur was coming towards them, they suddenly got frightened and planned to have minto fresh to remove the smell from their mouth and started to call all cadets to the side to start counting. They applied this trick to escape from several unwanted questions from their principal. Now let’s see what happened next.

Episode 7

Cadets swung into action, as soon as they heard the sound of the whistle. As soon as they discovered the direction of the sound and they looked the moving hand gestures of Farhaan, they started running towards us. As the cadets reached near both of us, Farhaan welcomed them with the “squad, fall in” command. All the cadets made three rows with the prescribed manner of line formation, in which the cadets were side by side and column formation in which the cadets were one behind the other.

Now the formation had done and Farhaan was ready to give the command. Actually, the drill commands are the oral orders given by the commander, usually in two parts. One is the preparatory command states the movement to be carried out and make parade ready to execute the order and the other part is the command of execution tells to the cadets that when the movement should be carried out. Farhaan gives the command without inflection and at a uniformly high pitch and loudly comparable to that of a normal command of execution, “Squad, Attention!” and the parade execute the order; the weight of cadets got distributed equally on the heels and balls of their feet.  When cadets came to attention position, they bring their heels together with their toes forming a 45-degree angle. They keep their legs straight and the knees were not locked. They hold their body erects with their hips level, and chest lifted. Their arms were hanging straight, they curl their fingers and the thumbs were alongside, and touching the first joint of forefingers. Their thumbs were straight and along the seams of their trousers. Their heads were erect and they were looking straight at the front and Shaksham was observing all the activity carefully.

Then Farhaan drew a deep breath and execute another perfect command, “parade, rest” and on this command, cadets move their left feet 10 inches to the left of their right feet. And at the same time, they place their hands at the small of the back, centered on their belt.

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