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Facts About Janmashtami

Janmashtami- The Celebration of Good over Evil

Janmashtami is one of the festivals which is commonly celebrated in all parts of India. Hindus at various places come up with different kinds of celebrations. Not only in India even in western countries wherever Hindus dwell and Vaishnavas are there Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with vigor. Even many Christians of western countries got converted to Vaishnava as they got deeply moved and influenced by Lord Krishna.

Krishna is considered as the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu on earth. This day is celebrated on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadra which mainly falls in August or September. Lord Krishna is worshiped in various forms and with various names at different places. He is known as the maintainer who controls and manages the whole world.

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The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 3

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode, we have read that Anuj has gone to meet Saksham and arom there they were supposed to move towards the camp. Saksham was doing the packing and in the mean while they were discussing various topics such as shoe allotment from NCC, cooking, food and bean sprouts. Suddenly Anuj asked a question that why Saksham does not stay with his family. Now let’s see what happened further:

Episode 3

Shaksham kept quiet for a while, then he said, “Let’s go, the laundryman imposed by closing his shop, now we should leave from here, it is eight o’ clock already”. Then he picked his bag and hung it on the back and in right hand he carried his holdall in which he covered his bedding, he quickly locked the door of his room and kitchen and move towards the main gate of the house, Anuj followed him silently and Shaksham locked the main gate as well.

Saksham and Anuj passed through the street with silence in the dim light of lamp posts. They came on the main market road and Shaksham broke the silence and asked to Anuj, “To whom you give your clothes for laundry” Anuj replied, “to Teja, behind the Tularam’s grocery store near railway station”, “ok” Shaksham admitted and they processed towards Teja’s laundry with swift feet. Teja the washer man, he was the most laborious person with a mustache. His looks made him seem so strict and rude but he was very jolly by nature. We respected him for his work always because he was the reason behind we looked always “impressive” with our neat and clean outfits. He is good and reliable for us.

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Interesting Facts about India

Know Unknown Facts about India on Independence Day

Hey! Today we are celebrating the completion of 70 years of Independence. On 15th August 2017, our honorable Prime Minister Modi is going to inaugurate 71st day of Independence. Isn’t it amazing but there are still some facts which are not well known to all.

Do you know who introduced national flag of India?  It was actually Pingali Venkayya who introduced the idea of the national flag at Bezwada in 1921. The concept was of the tri-color which consisted Red and green depicting the two major communities of the country with white representing all other community in the middle along with a spinning wheel. Gandhiji’s contribution was to add white color and spinning wheel representing progress. This was later modified where red color was changed to saffron and spinning wheel with Ashoka Chakra.

Do you know when and where the first place to hoist the National Flag was? The date is 7th August 1906 and not 15th August 1947. The place was Parsee Bagan Square at Green Park Calcutta. And the flag was composed of three strips of color red, yellow and green. The red strip at the top had eight roses embossed in a row. There was a white sun on the left side and white crescent and star on the right of the green strip.

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The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 2

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- Last week Saksham was preparing to attend Moradabad camp. He was sitting enjoying the view and nature from quarter’s window, all of a sudden there was somebody knocking at his door, named Anuj who was a Junior N.C.C Cadet in Hindu Inter College. Anuj was also going to take participation in the camp. Saksham was doing his packing and was having a good conversation with Anuj. They were talking about allotment of new shoes from NCC office. 

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Home Loan

Aspects to Be Considered Before Getting Home Loan

Everyone has a dream to have their own house. But it gets really difficult to make this dream come true due to huge investments required. And with time it has been difficult choice to get the correct lender who will support your purchase. This is one of the most significant steps before your go for buying. You need to scrutinize all terms and conditions before you take a final decision on where to take the loan.

There are three main aspects which are to be considered before you go for it:

Eligibility criteria

Every bank has certain eligibility criteria before sanctioning the loan amount and period. This depends on the aspirant’s monthly income, current profile, work experience, age, assets which bank evaluates before sanctioning the loan amount.

Total Loan Amount

 The total loan quantity you are eligible for is decided by a group of in-house specialists who use numerous measures to reach an amount depending on the valuation of the property.

The loan amount is decided by the back and the specialist handling the department after scrutinizing your papers and after valuation of it.

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Inspiring Story of Singing Sensation from Dhampur

Meet Pushpendra  Chauhan the Music Promoter from Dhampur, Bijnor, UP

Being from a non-musical background to curriculum setter of academic musical course in schools, the journey has been wonderful.

“Never give up attitude” has dragged Pushpendra to open his own institute in Dhampur, which prepares students who are to be the future musical sensation of our country. Socially he has a mission to promote music amongst students of below poverty line in urban areas so that music can be a way for survival for those who have this God-gifted talent.

Pushpendra Chauhan a small town boy from Sedhi

The Childhood Journey

Since childhood days Pushpendra was keen towards music. There was something which dragged him towards it- May be some old connection of past life or some God gifted boon. When he was a kid in his village, The Ramayana and Mahabharata path was organized, he used to get attracted towards it unknowingly. He used to keep on thinking how his voice will sound like in Mike if he sings. He used to copy those Kathas and recite it. He used to go to these Kathas stealthily, hiding from family and started to listen to it and memorize it.  He used to climb from one roof to another (at village roof of all houses remained connected) so easily he could reach the place where Katha was conducted.  He started singing in these Pathas, though he knew his parents will get to know one day, he could not resist himself, the desire and hunger for singing grew more. When he was at the 9th class he started singing in school functions. Even teachers and students used to listen to his song in free periods. But due to his passion, he started to get aloof from studies which led him to fail in one subject in 10th, which led to strictness from his parents and whatever little freedom he got from them all were stopped. He was asked to concentrate on studies. He was even not allowed to go out.  But this could not help him to pass. Getting away from music made him more distracted and next time he failed in two subjects. This was during years 2006. His parents even got disappointed and gave up on him. It was his friend Brijmohan who used to push him towards music and asked him to do further studies in music. He used to run an attachakki, and as he even loved music, he was just crazy about music. He is a very good lyrics writer. And for ten years of Pushpendra’s life, Brijmohan was a great companion and was a great motivator for Pushpendra.  Fun, Masti, learning, singing, recording!- He was a great companion of Pushpendra. He taught Pushpendra to play Congo- a rhythmic instrument. He bought it especially for him and a recorder too- they used to play and sing with it and used to record it for future reference.

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The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Here is a story for all who were associated with National Cadet Corp- NCC can relate to.  The story is of the year 2008- 2009. School days are the ideal time when students get fully motivated and involved with NCC. Fun, learning, team bonding- lot more that drags you to it. Same had happened here in the story. This story is of Saksham- a below average merit based boy from a small town of Uttar Pradesh, who evolved into an Entrepreneur. Saksham was the youngest son of his family, his father had expired long back when he was of five years old. He and his brother were sent to his maternal uncle’s house for further studies due to the financial crisis. Because of the sudden demise of his father and other family issues, led him to remain distracted and off from the world. During his school days, he joined NCC, just out of interest which later became the most important part of his life.

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DIGITIZATION- A Solution or a Curse for Common Man?


We have seen a wave of measures being taken by the current government to promote digitization across the length and breadth of the country.

Mobile Wallets, UPI, and Mobile Apps to name a few have been actively promoted across all channels (print/electronic/social). Our elected leaders too have started wooing people into the benefits of going digital.

Amidst this surge in the pressure on the “aam aadmi” to adopt digitization, I feel that there is a gradual feeling of despondency, frustration as well as anger creeping slowly and steadily in the common man. A man who sometimes back had to think only about earning a square meal a day for him and his family, has to know suddenly rattle up User Id’s and Passwords across several “Digital Platforms” !

Obvious questions that come in mind are:

  1. Is the whole country ready to adopt this digital wave?
  2. Are our systems, processes as well as controls (digital security systems) full proof to avoid the deadly menace of hacking & online frauds?
  3. Is 21st century India (and here I mean our farmers too) literate enough to adopt digitization…


Think India Think…

Keep reading us to know more on pros and cons of digitization. Share your comments below about your view on digitization.

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The Real Picture of Benaras

An Encounter with the Dead and the Living: Benaras

Whitewashed buildings that stand out glowing in the sun, historic houses, embellished front gates that screams of a golden era that just passed by, prehistoric ghats that scorns the sense out of resting eyes and ears, smell of fresh milk products and marijuana that greets each and every walking soul who come to explore the thronging landscape, narrow lanes where cows and oxen stand in solitude as the world passes by, forms the city that has maintained the same image for almost five centuries. There are obvious tell-tale signs of modernization which has for far more obvious reason never subdued the ancient qualities that existed in the city.

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The Anomaly

The Anomaly of R

I’m frigid, I’m deep, carelessly seeing the world go by,

I cannot mix, dwelling in my own world as people sway with the tide.

I’m deep, capable of talking when no one listens to me-

I converse with myself since I have no friends free. I live by my own terms, not dictated by common norms

I find pleasure where most would rather not storm.

Imaginary, prancing my fingers on tricksy volume of air,

I derive my solitude and solace from unrealistic affairs.

Bipolar one shouts, schizophrenic the other-

The real world is a world apart which only brings despair.

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