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Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life.- Episode 13

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life.

Recap- All cadets were ready on onboard but the train got delayed by 2 hrs and 10 minutes which made all cadets feel frustrated. In the meanwhile, Shaksham took out his diary and started writing something when Anuj asked about the same he said he writes a patriotic poem for his country. In the meantime, the train came but it was overloaded and it was dark all around, so they were confused how to get onboard without disturbing others.

Episode 13

Shaksham and Farhaan rushed towards the sleeper coaches, they try to open the door but it was locked from inside, they knocked it but no one came to open the door, they moved towards another compartment but it was also locked then Shaksham advised to Farhaan, “we both should go in different directions of train and if you find any open door then call out to me, now the time is too short in departure and Shaksham move towards the engine and Farhaan to opposite side, Anuj was following to Shaksham then Shaksham said to Anuj, “you go in the last and search if there is an open door for any sleeper and 3rd ac coach” and Anuj moved quickly and Shaksham moved in advance towards engine but he was not getting any open door, even he knocked many of the doors but no one opened it, Meanwhile, a long train horn, and then train moved a little bit with a Short Horn, Shaksham turn behind and looked with foresight till end but there was none of his buddies’s on the platform, he murmured, “which coach they board”. The train was now slowly picking up momentum and the throbbing of Shaksham was increasing the speed of the train, quickly he moves towards the end of the train in search of that open door in which his buddies entered.

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Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life.- Episode 12

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life.

Recap- Farhaan and Shaksham after getting rid of NCC officer started laughing in happiness due to their smooth escape this time. In the meantime, Anuj came and poked in and gave the tickets to them and informed due to Shivratri festival they need to arrange for boarding the train before time as there will be a lot of rush. At 9.30 pm all the cadets came in the place and Farhaan divided the team into five groups for easy onboarding. Let’s see what happened next…

Episode 12

Shaksham walked towards the Farhaan and said to him, “ there would be only four general compartment in this train, it will be first two and possibly last two compartment of the train, so we people should place the luggage according to first and last compartment otherwise we will waste time unnecessarily while running towards the general compartment.
Farhaan nodded and said, “You are right” and they did the same.


It was around 9 : 50 and a Jingle sound came, it was an announcement about train, “May I have your attention please, “Jammu Tavi Shiyaldah Exp” from Jammu to Shiyaldah via Haridwar, Luxor, Najibabad, Moradabad to Shiyaldah is scheduled by 10: 10 PM is delayed by 2 hours 10 Minute on platform no. 1, the inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.” All the cadets shook their heads and someone said in frustration’ “why the trains get often delayed in India from its scheduled time.” All the cadets were blaming to Indian railway only and slowly they get set on the benches and they soon began to take a short nap.

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Health Benefits of Tur Dal/Arhar Dal

Know the Amazing Health Benefits of Tur Dal/Arhar Dal

Pulses are the rich source of protein. Tur Dal is very famous in India due to its immense health benefits. Tur Dal that is harvested in India tastes very special. It’s also known as Arhar Dal. Consuming Arhar Dal will help you to have the following nutrition- protein, fat, carbohydrates and lot more.

Arhar Dal is a rich source of protein and fiber and is cholesterol free. Arhar Dal if consumed along with rice provides high protein.

Arhar Dal is very tasty, digestible along with its high benefits. As you also know Arhar Dal mostly famous name for its use in Sambhar which is a famous in south India but like in all India. I also love Sambhar. The South Indians add Sambhar in their food daily because Arhar Dal is rich diet food. You can have Arhar Dal with rice, Idli, dosa, vada etc. It’s very tasty in taste and healthy also. It’s very easy to cook. You can add vegetables and make it more healthy.

Arhar Dal has rich protein fiber and carbohydrates.


Tur Dal is a good source of Folic acid it is beneficial for ladies. Tur Dal is helpful for ladies faster health recovery, especially for pregnant ladies. It helps ladies to get rid of back pain and also helps in proper brain development of babies in the womb as it has high folic acid.


Arhar dal is the best source of carbohydrates which give you energy. When you eat carbohydrate-containing food it unleashes Glucose in the body which gives energy to your body, mind and nervous system.

FIBER:-Tur Dal is a good source of fiber which helps you to get rid of constipation. Daily fiber diet helps to prevent heart-related disease and the two types of harmful diabetes.

Arhal Dal has rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional values. It is not only a pulse it is also a healthy food with magical benefits. Now after reading its magical benefits you need to add Arhal Dal in your diet.


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Unknown Facts about Mahalaya and its Significance

Interesting Facts about Mahalaya

Subha Mahalaya!

The time has arrived again after a wait for long one year! Starting with this article I am just getting goose bumps by those nostalgic thoughts, that euphoria and warmth of family reunion. I always get mesmerized with the thoughts of Durga Puja– the autumn season, the fluffy clouds all around, the Kans grass (Kash Phool), the sunny soothing weather, just dawns the arrival of Durga Puja, Bengali’s most awaited festival. Though the preparation starts long back since last two months, but still the day of Mahalaya is just the beginning! All preparation gets finalized by the arrival of Mahalaya and only some final touch remains for Durga Puja preparation- be it for shopping, pandal erection, Idol preparation and other arrangements. 

Especially for Bengalis who stays outside West Bengal in other parts of India or abroad, definitely tries to get some arrangements done so that they can celebrate Durga Puja at their locality nearby. And if possible then they all definitely try to get back home at West Bengal for at least those four to five days. There is no other festival in India except Durga Puja, which is celebrated with such grandeur.

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Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life- Episode 11

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode we have seen that Shaksham was called by NCC officer to inquire for smoking. The NCC officer warned them for smoking and told that they should not set this kind of example. He also said if this happens this again they will not be allowed sitting for the exam. Farhaan instructed to gather the cadets at same station by 9.30 pm. Let’s see what happened next.

Episode- 11

Shaksham and Farhaan burst with laugh with it and Shaksham said to Farhaan, “you got caught by officer, it is not my fault, he was already sure about it” “So where I’m blaming you, I was just joking and your advice was good somewhere it help me to tackle all this because If we would have gone straight to him then might be he exploded on us with anger, overall, Man! You saved me by being auctioned my respect in front of juniors” Farhaan said and give a thankful notion and Shaksham smiled.

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Know the real Character Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit behind the movie Simran

The real Character Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit behind the movie Simran

Do you want to know the real character of the movie Simran, then read it thoroughly:

Sandeep’s Childhood and Journey to US

Sandeep Kaur was born on November 11, 1989, in Chandigarh. She belonged to a traditional Indian family and at age of 7, she along with her mom and brother went to the US to join her father. After the attack of 9/11 in 2001 Kaur and her brother were used to get targeted in school and were abused as a terrorist.

Sandeep’s Ambition to become Nurse

Seeing her mother ill at the age of 14 Sandeep got inspired to become a nurse and by 19 years she became a professional nurse along with all her training. At age 20 she moved to Sacramento to get her Bachelor’s degree.

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Sandeep’s Addiction towards Gambling

In the year 2008, she invested in stock market when there was a bad economic crash and she made$ 200000 out of it. On her 21st birthday, she with her cousin headed for a casino for the first time in Las Vegas where she got introduced to gambling. She got addicted to it slowly as soon she started to win $ 4000 in the first chance. She started to gain reputation and got the name of a lucky gambler.

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Simran Movie Review- Kangna nailed the movie again with her great acting skills

Simran Movie Review

Will this movie of Kangna Ranaut provide another character to remember? Has she well portrayed Sandeep Kaur- the “ Bombshell Bandit”

The weekend is just to start and here I am ready with a new movie review which has released today, on 15th September 2017! Come; let’s check out the movie so that you can decide if this can be your entertainment for this weekend.

Simran-the highly anticipated movie directed by Hansal Mehta where Kangna Ranawat played the character of Praful Patel, who is a Gujju girl of 30 years, divorced and working as a housekeeper. She is a kleptomaniac, addicted to alcohol, divorced, gambler yet she is very ambitious towards her life. The story is based on a real life character named Sandeep Kaur who is an Indian – American whose sensational story had become quite famous. She is also known as “Bombshell Bandit” or “Gambling Queen”. Sandeep Kaur is now serving the sixty-six-month jail sentence for robbing bank in the US.

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How to make Amazing Rasgullas at Home

Festive Season Recipe- Rasgulla 

Rasgullas are one of the famous sweets that every person loves to have. Though Rasgullas are made and available at sweet shops at various places in India, the authentic style of soft juicy Rasgullas are famous from West Bengal and Odisha. Especially people who are Bengalis and stays outside Bengal can realize the difference. And in this high priced market especially Bengalees are craving to buy sweets as it is getting little expensive. So it is better to learn to make Rasgullas at home so that you can have it as much as you love in quantity even for your guests! Durga Puja is coming and this Durga Puja make some amazing Rasgullas for your family and friends. So come let’s see what are the tricks you need to follow while you prepare Rasgullas.

Ingredients you need to prepare 30 medium sized Rasgullas:

• Two liters of full cream cow milk
• Three cups of sugar (near about 750 gms)
• One cup of dahi/ curd
• One tea spoon of cardamom powder
• Seven cups of water (1.5 lts)
• One table spoon of all purpose flour (maida)

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Bullet Train is to be launched in India: All you need to know- its benefits and challenges

Bullet Train Project Launched: The New India Aspirations is growing High!

India is progressing. From bullock cart to railways, trams, buses, the airplane, jet plane, helicopter, then metro railways and now bullet train. India is now just in its progressing phase, and now the way the Government is working rigorously things are going to mature very fast. The deal for the bullet train to be launched in India was signed back in 2015. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has launched the initial work for India’s first high- speed bullet train on 14th September 2017, Thursday. The train will be launched in Gujarat, Narendra Modi’s native state. The first train will be running between Ahmadabad and Mumbai. 

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The main things which you need to know:

  • For this bullet train project, Japan has funded near about 88 crores in the form of a soft loan, which will be returned by India at 0.1 % interest rate for over 50 years. Japan is investing more than 81 percent of the total budget.
  • The total cost of the bullet train project is of Rupees 1.1 lakh crore.
  • This project is a joint venture between Shinkansen Technology which is a Japanese Firm and Indian Railways.
  • As per the time estimation provided by Shinkansen Technology, the first train would roll out by the year 2023.
  • But as per the statement provided by railway minister Mr. Piyush Goyal, Mr. Narendra Modi wants this train to get launched on 15th August 2022 when India will complete 75 years of Independence.
  • The average speed of the train will be 250 km per hour and the top speed will go up to 320 km per hour. Gradually with more innovation, the train can run even double the top speed. This will be the fastest train in India.
  • The first train that will be launched will have the capacity to carry 750 passengers from Gujarat to Mumbai.
  • The travel time for traveling from Gujarat to Mumbai will be reduced from 8hrs to approx 3 hrs or little more if it stops at all twelve stations. But it halts at only four major stations then it can complete the travel distance within two hours.
  • There is a lot of route planning made to run this train. The total distance stretch will be of 508 km out of which 92 % of the route will be made with elevation, 6 % will be covered via tunnel and rest will be on the ground. This bullet train will run through India’s longest tunnel of 21ks out which 7 km will be under the sea near Thane!
  • But Maharashtra government is still in the decision-making process which will be the end stoppage for the bullet train in Mumbai. The state government has agreed to spare 9000 sq. feet plot at Bandra Kurla Complex for an alternative site.


The challenges on which government is working on are land acquisition, evacuation process with proper alternate facilities, Human resource development to complete the project, route design and further future expansion planning. 

PM Modi declared that in the way of “New India” Japan has proved to be a true and strong friend. India is now towards fulfilling its dream. Both the prime ministers Modi and Abe has laid the foundation stone for an institute at Vadodara where near about 4000 people will be trained for this bullet train project. There was a grand reception arranged for Mr. Abe on Wednesday afternoon that was on 13th Sept. Both the leaders had some summit meetings. They are also planning to focus on strengthening security and defense ties. They are also planning to corporate each other in the nuclear energy sector.


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Know How to Build Your Self Confidence from Scratch

Smart Tricks to Build Your Self Confidence from Scratch

Have you ever felt that your life is of no use? Are you a loser? And everyone is better than you? You are trying hard but still, you are not achieving it? At times you start feeling that your life has no worth. When everyone is happy and you are not? You keep on finding the reason and answer but you are not getting the answer, right? Today you will get your answer here. This happens because you at times suffer due to lack of confidence.  Life becomes sorrowful and difficult when you, I and we all suffer from lack of self-confidence. And this often happens when you suffer failure, loss, insult and people around you starts discouraging and starts losing hope for you.

Confidence is the most important part of being in good health and a good mind.  Without self-confidence life will become hell and we will never able to achieve what we have planned for ourselves. And we all know this but still at some point of time we start suffering from this, right? Today in this article I will discuss some tips which will help you to boost up your self-confidence whenever you will suffer from it. This will help to stop ruining your life and look into the matters in a more positive way with the hope of success.

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