Tricks to Reduce Belly Fat


Hey, today’s major health problem is fat. Whomever you ask out of ten people eight to nine people will come up with this issue. Some people are facing fat around belly, chin, face etc. Most of the people are suffering from belly fat due to imbalance diet and lack of time management. Belly fat not only impacts on your personality but it is too much harmful for your health. One should take simple diet, exercise, yoga, proper sleep and should not take stress. Fat is not natural it increase due to calories, we have find out various ways to burn calories but due to lack of time we are unable to do but as you all know “health is wealth” and Obesity is harmful for health so make sure to spare sometime for exercise.

Do you know one hour jogging burn 300 calories and to reduce 1kg weight we need to burn 7500 calories. Is it easy? Yes, by exercise and yoga this is easy sweat comes out from the body which helps to burn calories reduce fat.

At Least we should spare 30 min for our self to become you healthy wealthy and happy. Exercise removes your stress and you stay away from peevishness. Today I will share some tips and exercises for reducing belly fat and obesity.

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Do exercise, yoga don’t take stress and take proper healthy diet. Fast food, spice, oily food and sweet and sugar should be avoid because it increase calories cholesterol which not good for health and harmful for your liver and heart.

Exercise is must to get rid for obesity.

  1. Lay down on exercise mat then move your hand and support your neck then bend your neck portion slowly move to abs. Remember push your abs upper belly portion. At Least 10 time to start with.
  2. Again lay down on mat stretch your arms straight and try to touch feet. its not easy for beginners but after practice you will be habitual.
  3. Lay down straight and then raise your leg first time 45 degree position at least 15 second and you feel pressure on upper abdomen portion which is the main point to lose fat then slowly come back in lay down position. Next time angle will be at 90 degree raise your leg now 90 degree position in beginning you can take help your hand support your lower back.
  4. Then chakrasana yoga straight lay down raise your one leg in 45 degree and then start moving round 10 time clock wise after that 10 times anticlockwise. Same with another. whenever you do these exercises you feel some pressure on abdomen.

These are some exercise for flat belly which is dream for everyone and believe me, if you apply in your life you will never get disappointed. Do it continuously and see the result. You will feel fresh and active always.

Along with this you have to pay attention to your diet also. Friends you have to avoid oily food junk food sweets sugar because these food increase high calories which is cause of obesity.

Points to be followed:-

  1. Never avoid your breakfast have fiber in breakfast can help you. Fruits, juice you cmust add to your breakfast.
  2. Drink plenty of water. At least you should drink 8 glass water.
  3. Avoid high calorie food.
  4. Walk at least after having food.
  5. Don’t sit on a place for long time in between should move here and there for few minutes.
  6. If possible so you should go for jogging.
  7. Take proper sleep.
  8. Don’t take mental stress.

Our life is god gifted and we should keep it healthy, remember if we are healthy we become wealthy and wise. Try to spare sometime for yourself its mandatory to be happy and to live a long healthy life. We should start ourselves then our family also will follow us and a healthy family is happy family.

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