The Story of Cadet’s Life- Episode 8

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode, we have seen how Farhaan and Shaksham started to do the head counting once they saw their principal Mr. Ram Bahadur coming towards them. We got to know what the various types of parade commands are and what they actually signify. Now let’s see what happened next

Episode 8

They keep their fingers extended, and joined interlocking their thumbs so that the palm of their right hand was outward. They hold their head erect and look straight to the front. Then Farhaan said in an energetic voice, “don’t move, keep silent” Farhaan moved towards Shaksham and Farhaan took off Shaksham from the parade, asked, “What to do now?” Shaksham nodded and said, “I think our idea is working, now you count the no. of cadets and report to you officer and invite him for inspection of parade”, “how intelligent you are?, it will not only save us even it will build our reputation also that how good we are doing the pared inspection at the railway station” Farhaan said and turned towards the parade and took the attention position then gave the command again, “Pared, Attention” and said strictly “don’t move , look at front” and then give another command, “parade, start counting from right” and then the front row started the counting from right, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and the last and 7th cadet of front row spoke loudly “seven, one blank up”  which meant that there was a blank in his column.

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Then Farhaan brought out his small diary and pen from his left pocket and wrote the counting and ran towards the officers, he stopped before four step from officers and saluted them and then stated loudly, “Sir, total 21 cadets along with me are available for your kind inspection in the pared, as two cadets are absent” and then he entrusted the report to the N.C.C officer as an extra civilized person.

Then Farhaan invited to both, the principal and the N.C.C officer for the inspection and instruction for camp. The parade was still in attention position, their heads were still erect, and they were still looking straight in front. Then the N.C.C officer commanded them slowly, “rest” and parade execute the order. Then the army officer address to parade and said in enthusiastic mode, “Cadets, you are going in combine annual training camp, in which 32 UP BN and 31 UP BN and 33 UP BN will participate.

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