Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life- Episode 9

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode, we have seen that Farhaan and Shaksham started the head counting though they were very nervous from inside due to the unauthorized smoking which was not at all allowed in NCC. Once they finished head counting they went to report to the principal keeping a distance so that he does not get the smell of cigarette from Farhaan’s mouth. The army officer informed all cadets that they were going to take participation in combined annual training camp, in which 32 UP BN and 31 UP BN and 33 UP BN will also participate. Now let’s see what happened next

Episode 9

There would be more than a dozen competitions and I am expecting at least five gold’s for MMIC College. “Now tell me who will win the gold?” all the cadets raised their hands, then Farhaan murmured, “idiots, you will get that medals easily from the shop” the N.C.C officer asked, “you said something and why your hand is not up, you don’t want to win the gold?? Farhaan responded slowly, “Now there is no gold medal to win, all my squad members have already won” “whatever, you are the squad leader today and it is your responsibility to bring at least five gold medals,” The NCC officer said and Farhaan makes him sure.

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The NCC officer addressed to parade again and said, “ cadets as you know that in this camp you are participating in the leadership of Mr. Farhaan so all of you need to follow the instructions given by Farhaan only, is that clear?” All the cadets replied in one voice “yes sir”. The notion of enthusiasm and confidence were sparkling over the faces of all the cadets. The NCC officer finishes his instructions and he took Farhaan a little away from the parade and he asked, “what you were doing there, with that boy when we reached?” Farhaan kept silent then NCC officer asked again, “I asked you something, tell me” then Farhaan replied falteringly, “nothing sir” NCC officer stated further, “ I can count the wings of flying bird, I’m not gullible and don’t take it easy, we believe in you but you could not carry it till railway station, Is that boy is protégé of J.K.?” Farhaan said, “sorry sir, who is J.K. ?” then the NCC officer said, “J.K. is the NCC officer like me in HIC” then Farhaan nodded, “yes sir, he is the senior under officer of HIC” then the officer asked to call Shaksham and Farhaan ran towards Shaksham and reached near to him then he murmured in the ear of Shaksham, “bro I feel, we get caught while we were doing smoking, now he is calling you too” “why me, he is your officer, why should I come” then Farhaan said, “because there is a power in unity, bro we both can manage the situation and by the way lest he told to your principal later about the smoke circle what we produce, and you don’t have any choice.” Shaksham nodded and follow him.

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