What role Teachers play in our Life

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After parents, if we make relation of attachment & guidance with someone then that is our teacher (GURU). Just because of this we can never forget our carver who gives us our future and teaches us how to make your dreams come true. Naturally, we can’t skip from our mind. That’s why we love their scold and praise. I still remember how my teacher used to scold me after some time she used to say “you are intelligent I know you can get good marks so why you create a scene that I have to scold you.” Whenever teacher scolds us after some time they put on us. Some teachers don’t like throughout our school life, who only scolds us but when we pass out from the school then we understand that they are strict with us because they are worried about our future. It means in all ways and every angle you can see teachers are determined to make our life educated and beautiful in a social way. The teacher has many roles to play.

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Teacher calls the student to name one by one to know who has presented and who’s absent. Even students enjoy this process and reply back saying “yes mam/sir” and love to give proxy too. By doing this activity student tries to show their eagerness to have fun. How can we forget those moments which we had spent with our teachers like fun, homework excuses, and absent excuses?

Teachers are the pillar of our life do not have enough words to thank our teachers. They are not the only teacher they are our best friends we can share our problems with them and they support us with an excellent solution. We spend a long time with our teachers so we learn from them discipline, etiquettes, education, sports and various other activities like dance, singing, cooking, art, painting etc. Often we see in the news teachers are getting very strict to students often gives them physical punishment even tell them that their hard work is not enough and they need to do work hard more  I think these steps are not fine. Try to understand their psychology then treat them. Don’t be so rude.

The best line we have heard many times:-

Teachers teach every occupation but other occupation can’t teach a teacher.

Teachers are the role model. Thanks to all teachers who are fulfilling their responsibilities towards students and country



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