Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life- Episode 10

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode we have seen that when army officer was asking about who are going to win the gold medals, Farhaan had a neglecting attitude, but the army officer commanded him that it is his responsibility to bring at least five gold medals. Going further the NCC officer asked Farhaan what he was doing there when Shaksham reached, he asked to call Saksham and Farhaan though that they got caught for smoking. Now let’s see what happened next.

 Episode- 10

 As they reached near, Shaksham takes the attention position and saluted him, he raises his right hand sharply, fingers and thumb extended and joined, palm facing front, and place the tip of right forefinger on the rim of the visor slightly to the right of the right eye. Then he bowed down his hand and stood. 

 Then the N.C.C officer said, “Rest” then Shaksham turns to the rest position smartly. NCC officer address to the Shaksham, “dear, your friend Farhaan is moving first time in the camp as a senior under officer, he is a squad leader today and going to represent our college and he is smoking with another senior under officer, at the end of railway platform and thinking that no one is observing, I am not happy to catch hold of you while you were smoking and were destroying both your lungs, but remember when you are wearing the NCC uniforms then at least in front of your juniors do not perform your demerit because we dream of a healthy India”

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Due to the heroic speech of the N.C.C officer, Shaksham, and Farhaan’s head got down in shame. And they said in a single tone, “sorry sir, please give us a chance, it will never happen again”, “I will not let you sit for the exam if it will happen again and my decision would be final. Don’t take it easy, Farhaan” the NCC officer said in robust words and gave the tickets to Farhaan. Shaksham and Farhaan saluted and the NCC officer departed towards his home and mischievous Shaksham and Farhaan turned towards each other and they said to each other, “Let it be secret, nobody should know” they passed a fake smile to each other and Farhaan moved towards parade and Shaksham moved towards Anuj. Farhaan gave the instruction to parade that all the cadets will gather at the same place at right 9: 30 PM and he gave them “At Ease, March” order.

All the cadets moved around and Farhaan came to Shaksham and asked “where is your buddy” “he is in queue at ticket window” Shaksham replied and Farhaan gave a serious look and said, “Finally, we could impress the laila”

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