Know the real Character Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit behind the movie Simran

The real Character Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit behind the movie Simran

Do you want to know the real character of the movie Simran, then read it thoroughly:

Sandeep’s Childhood and Journey to US

Sandeep Kaur was born on November 11, 1989, in Chandigarh. She belonged to a traditional Indian family and at age of 7, she along with her mom and brother went to the US to join her father. After the attack of 9/11 in 2001 Kaur and her brother were used to get targeted in school and were abused as a terrorist.

Sandeep’s Ambition to become Nurse

Seeing her mother ill at the age of 14 Sandeep got inspired to become a nurse and by 19 years she became a professional nurse along with all her training. At age 20 she moved to Sacramento to get her Bachelor’s degree.

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Sandeep’s Addiction towards Gambling

In the year 2008, she invested in stock market when there was a bad economic crash and she made$ 200000 out of it. On her 21st birthday, she with her cousin headed for a casino for the first time in Las Vegas where she got introduced to gambling. She got addicted to it slowly as soon she started to win $ 4000 in the first chance. She started to gain reputation and got the name of a lucky gambler.

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Sandeep’s Downfall and Tragedy

She even left her nursing for gambling. But with time she started to loose and she was in a huge loss of $ 60000 which she confessed to her family in 2011 due to gambling. Creditors started chasing her, threatening her. She started to do 96 hours shift so that she can repay her debts. She moved to Union City California from Las Vegas in 2012 with her mother to get rid of collectors, but that was of no help.

Sandeep’s Marriage

By the end of 2012 her mom wanted to get her married, so they were looking for proposals, but Sandeep was not satisfied with the proposals. By the year 2013 September Sandeep married a man of her choice and the weekly allowance of $ 1000 which she used to get from her husband, she even started losing that in gambling. By 2014 April the marriage was over.

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Sandeep got Stuck and was Forced to do Robbery

In the mean time, the loan collectors found her out and started threatening her. She was supposed to pay $ 35000 in 2 days, which was just impossible. She was given a choice to rob a bank. They even tried to give her a gun so that she can rob bank, house and repay their debts. After a week Sandeep committed her first bank robbery and escaped with $21200. The name of the bank she robbed was Bank of the West Branch in Valencia in California. Once she succeeded she tried to rob a second bank where she tried to threaten officers, saying that she will explode the bomb if they do not hand over cash to them. Here she earned her title “ Bombshell Bandit”.  Through these robberies, she collected $ 8000 and $ 1978 at banks San Diago and Lake Havasu City in Arizona.

Sandeep’s Punsihment and Current Status

She got arrested when she tried to rob US Bank in St. George. She was punished for 20 years initially and was charged $ 250000 as a penalty but later when her lawyer pleaded for her as she is suffering from her “upbringing”, the punishment was reduced to 66 months of prison and she was ordered to pay back all the money that she stole.


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