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A good job is depends on a good resume

some time it is luck to get good job opportunity which never work always. Most of the time you have to prepare your self for better career opportunities. you have to be very serious and clear about your career path if you are a fresher and very professional and committed if you are experienced.

A Professional resume can create a good impact on recruiters which increase your resume shortlisting ratio. It may be a challenge for a fresher to get to know what to put in resume what not to put and for experienced job seeker it is a subject of “time” they hardly get time to furnish a resume themselves.

As per my experience we need an adviser some time to get out of all sort of confusion because most to the time what you do you try to fit yourself in somebody else resume. It is hard to difficult to express you through else one edited profile because you are thoroughly different person.

Now what to do? you can do some research over internet about “how to write a resume?” or you can simply hire a professional who will do counsel you about your candidature, will provide you the questionnaire to answer it well. then will furnish a Draft for you and they will send it to you for your approval. This is the way which I follow to get my resume written by a professional and I always recommend them as a professional affordable resume writer in India professional affordable resume writer in India. they are DraftOver.Com

Now you have a professional resume in your hand then start searching job but carefully what to do and what not to do are as following :


To do :

  1. Create Profile on all Job Portals
  2. Always keep your salary expectations negotiable if you are actively looking for a job change.
  3.  Do not forget to mention your skills in profile because most of the time recruiters search through skill sets.
  4. Visit career pages of renowned companies and apply their.

Not to Do :

  1. Do not write in profile title that you are looking for a job change / Actively / Urgently looking for a job Change.
  2. Do not send bulk mails to recruiters, if you are sending then send one by one and add cover letter in E – Mail body.

Draftover also have their association with Recruitment Consultants in India too where you can post your resume. It is also a big support to get some interview opportunities which are free from Appointment Cell. I prefer them because the provide free Jobs in India



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Gwalior- The Pearl of Castles’ Necklace in India


Gwalior has been the most impressive and Royal city of Madhya Pradesh. The place has a great importance in History and has been always famous for its wonderful castles in India.  If we still fantasize Royal Living and their stories then Gwalior is one of the best places to visit. Gwalior has much to tell, it has been located in a strategic location in the Grids of India, and has been ruled by various North Indian rulers. Tomars, Mughals, Marathas, and Scindias all have ruled here from time to time. For Britishers, the place has always been a princely state. The city is the valley surrounded by mountains. And now it has become under the provision of smart cities in the era of 21st century.


The name Story of Gwalior

The name” Gwalior” has a folk story attached to it. It is said that Suraj Sen a prince of Gurjar- Pratihar clan during 8th century once lost his way in the forest and on asking help and drinking water from a sage named Gwalipa, the sage took him to a pond where the water quenched his thirst and cured his leprosy too. Our of honor and gratitude Suraj Sen asked Gwalipa what he can do for him, and in answer, Gwalipa asked to build a wall on the hill to protect all sages and their pujas from wild animals and beasts. In return, Suraj Sen builds a fort and named it Gwalior after the sage.


Do you Know?

Gwalior is among the five princely states of India along with Hyderabad, Baroda, Mysore, Jammu and Kashmir who still enjoys 21 gun salutes.

Click at read more option to know about the place and it amazing history

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Best Places to Visit in Puducherry- Holiday trip to Pondicherry

Pondicherry- India’s French Connection

Whenever we speak about English, Dutch and French invaders and their influence on our country, we cannot escape from taking about Pondicherry.  Pondicherry became a notable place during foreign invasions, especially during French entrance. Though French invasion and trading started long back during the 16th century, still Pondicherry acquired its fame and name in 1673. During 1673, French acquired this area from the Qiladar of Valikondapuram during the rule of Sultan of Bijapur. And French people named this place as Pondicherry. Now the name changed to Puducherry which is derived from the original name “Puducheri”, it means “new settlement” in Tamil local language. Though Puducherry had its existence since back from Roman times, its existence and other details in recorded since 1674 after the French started to reside and operate from this place.

As per the archaeological department records, there are indications that Romans visited the place back in first century AD for trade. Remains have been found during excavation done in Arikamedu which is just 7 kilometers towards the south of Pondicherry. Reference has been found that Romans used to come to trade at Poduca in Indian coast which meant Pondicherry.

Do you know?

Francois Martin founded Pondicherry who was the First Governor General of the place. He was also the Commissioner of French East India Company.  He made Puducherry the capital of all the four territories- Yanam, Mahe, Karikal, and Chandernagore that were under French rule.


Pondicherry has a huge influence of Portuguese, The Dutch, The French and the English, you can find different culture here, and the place has all such references too. Initially, it was a small fishing village and with time it grew to be a huge port city which was and is accessed for trading and import and export of valuable materials. The place has its vintage history and you can still find the air is filled with those foreign cultures and practices.

Pondicherry is a beautiful place with Bay of Bengal at its one border. The place has temples, churches, and mosques. People of different culture and tradition reside over here. It is a laid-back beach city often called a French colony. The place is neat and clean. Different from other cities in India, this place has all the roads, with a name engraved on a board with direction, this will help to navigate easily even without a GPS.

Do you know?

 Puducherry is still a Union Territory of India. And being a Union Territory Pondicherry has its own Legislative Assembly.


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How to Celebrate Green and Pollution free Diwali this Year?

Celebrate Green Diwali in 2017

This Diwali celebration is surrounded by a lot of restrictions, be it Firecracker ban or a movement towards avoiding China product usage. I thought a lot on this…as since from childhood for us, Diwali meant lighting in the whole house with small ‘tuni’ bulbs and diyas, sweets and lots of firecrackers. And now all of a sudden when obstructions and restrictions are coming in our way, then how can we celebrate it with the fun of that similar level. I thought a lot and came up with small ideas. Today I am going to share those with you, hope this will help you to celebrate your Diwali in a similar way.

Emotional touch.

Have you ever seen a dog or cat or any other animal running about here and there during each Diwali while people start bursting crackers? You must have noticed. We all know animals are far more sensitive than a human being, especially they can hear and smell more deeply than us, and all of a sudden when the crackers start bursting they cannot relate it and out of fear they start to run here and there. Last year, I still remember the very next day of Diwali I saw a black colored roadside dog of our locality got severely ill, due to a sudden burn on his back and spinal area due to flying crackers which came and burst over him, Thank God! He is still alive now far better and can move on himself, but he lost his running capacity. And this is a true story! This happens everywhere. Coming to air pollution, you all know how our area and environment is getting polluted day by day. Now even kids along with elders are suffering from asthma, do you know why? It’s just because of air pollution. So if we can contribute little to stop or lessen this air pollution rate, then why not?

So this Diwali let us make a promise to make our world and environment better. Let’s try to give a healthy life and environment to our elders, younger fellows and to those innocent animals and pets.

Twelve Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali this Year:

But still we cannot miss our happiness, fun, and celebration so let’s check out what we can do this Diwali:

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Know the Heritage Sites which are Must Visit Places in Nalanda, Bihar

Nalanda- The Most Ancient Treasure Of India In Respect To Education, History, Culture And Religion

Bihar has always been another treasure of our country. With times there may be a deterioration of the place due to some political and social issues but yes, if you want to look back towards our treasure of history, Nalanda will come up to be a gem place. Nalanda has been the first global seat of learning. This was the oldest university and eminent center of learning that existed in the ancient age before Oxford or Cambridge. This place got its reference even in the writing of Huan Tsang and I- Tsing. Nalanda is located in Southeast direction of Patna and is about 95 kilometers away from Patna near Bihar Sharif. Nalanda was the pride of Magadha (currently known as Bihar) which still infuses a feeling of nostalgia among us.

Nalanda word is basically a Sanskrit word which comes from three words- Na+alam+Daa that mean “no stop for giving out knowledge”. It was Mahavihara which had a lot of nalas- which means lotus stalks. That is why Lotus symbolizes knowledge.

It is believed that Gupta Dynasty founded the university. Shakraditya is accredited for the foundation of the University. Nalanda University was established probably during the reign of Kumara Gupta. In 1193, Nalanda University was completely destroyed by Turkish Army which was led by Bakhtiar Khilji of Mamluk Dynasty.

In 1915 during an excavation done by Archeological Survey of India, remains of Nalanda University were found out. Nalanda University rather Nalanda the place has its great importance in Buddhism and Jainism. It is said that Mahavira had spent near about fourteen rainy seasons in Nalanda and Gautama Buddha used to deliver speeches to his disciples at Nalanda. 

Do you Know?

Harshavardhana, Dharmapala, Vasubandhu, Suvishnu, Dharmakirti, Asanga,  Shantarakhsita, Aryadeva, Nagarjuna, Padmasambhava, Hwui Li, and  Xuanzang were some notable scholars who passed of Nalanda University.


Click here to know the historical and notable places to visit in Nalanda

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Ayodhya- Know When, Why and How to visit this Holy Place

Ayodhya- the holy city of Lord Ram

When we speak about our great Hindu Mythology then Uttar Pradesh in North India has a special importance. Both for Ramayana and Mahabharata has evolved from the same state. Ayodhya is the birthplace of Ram and Hastinapur is the place from where Mahabharata still have its existence in Uttar Pradesh.  And being an Indian everyone has a curiosity about the place. Today we are going to explore Ayodhya which inculcates the complete set of Ramayana.

Ayodhya being considered as one of seven important pilgrimage sites or Saptapuri has great importance. Later during Mughal rule, Ayodhya was also named as Awadh and during the rule of Babar, a mosque was erected in the place of the temple which was considered as the birthplace of Lord Rama. Later this mosque was demolished and currently, there is a small temple. Ram Janmbhoomi has always been a highly debatable question. And this debate has always made this place scary for common people to visit due to often disputes that keep on going. Though the place is few kilometers away from Lucknow, and one of sacred pilgrim places still there are few visitors every year. Whatever it is Ayodhya has always been a historical place and Indian have lot see and know about the place. So today I will be sharing with you few places which make Ayodhya unique and a true destination point.

Do you know?

Ayodhya was previously known as Saketa or Saket. Saketa is a Sanskrit word which means Heaven. This place was considered to a place where God used to reside.


Places to visit in Ayodhya

Let’s check what the “must see” places in Ayodhya are:

Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

The place of Ram Janam Bhoomi has always been a debatable one. As per Hindu mythology, Ramayana-Ram’s birthplace is considered as the Sarayu river banks. But the Hindu section demands the land of Ayodhya where Babri Masjid used to be during the 16th century as the exact birthplace of Lord Rama. History says during Mughal rule under the instruction of Babar the temple was demolished and was a mosque was erected which later during the 20th century the mosque was broken down and a temple was erected. And as per the excavation report by Archaeological survey of India, there was a temple beneath the mosque. After the riot, the temple is now under construction. The place is under the high security of commandos. There you have to go through tough security check. You will find a lot of monkeys jumping here and there. The passage of entrance is narrow. You will find the idol of Ram Lalla inside. Initially, the temple was temporarily on Swiss tent but now the construction work is on.

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Unknown Facts about Mahalaya and its Significance

Interesting Facts about Mahalaya

Subha Mahalaya!

The time has arrived again after a wait for long one year! Starting with this article I am just getting goose bumps by those nostalgic thoughts, that euphoria and warmth of family reunion. I always get mesmerized with the thoughts of Durga Puja– the autumn season, the fluffy clouds all around, the Kans grass (Kash Phool), the sunny soothing weather, just dawns the arrival of Durga Puja, Bengali’s most awaited festival. Though the preparation starts long back since last two months, but still the day of Mahalaya is just the beginning! All preparation gets finalized by the arrival of Mahalaya and only some final touch remains for Durga Puja preparation- be it for shopping, pandal erection, Idol preparation and other arrangements. 

Especially for Bengalis who stays outside West Bengal in other parts of India or abroad, definitely tries to get some arrangements done so that they can celebrate Durga Puja at their locality nearby. And if possible then they all definitely try to get back home at West Bengal for at least those four to five days. There is no other festival in India except Durga Puja, which is celebrated with such grandeur.

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Know the real Character Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit behind the movie Simran

The real Character Sandeep Kaur, The Bombshell Bandit behind the movie Simran

Do you want to know the real character of the movie Simran, then read it thoroughly:

Sandeep’s Childhood and Journey to US

Sandeep Kaur was born on November 11, 1989, in Chandigarh. She belonged to a traditional Indian family and at age of 7, she along with her mom and brother went to the US to join her father. After the attack of 9/11 in 2001 Kaur and her brother were used to get targeted in school and were abused as a terrorist.

Sandeep’s Ambition to become Nurse

Seeing her mother ill at the age of 14 Sandeep got inspired to become a nurse and by 19 years she became a professional nurse along with all her training. At age 20 she moved to Sacramento to get her Bachelor’s degree.

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Sandeep’s Addiction towards Gambling

In the year 2008, she invested in stock market when there was a bad economic crash and she made$ 200000 out of it. On her 21st birthday, she with her cousin headed for a casino for the first time in Las Vegas where she got introduced to gambling. She got addicted to it slowly as soon she started to win $ 4000 in the first chance. She started to gain reputation and got the name of a lucky gambler.

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Simran Movie Review- Kangna nailed the movie again with her great acting skills

Simran Movie Review

Will this movie of Kangna Ranaut provide another character to remember? Has she well portrayed Sandeep Kaur- the “ Bombshell Bandit”

The weekend is just to start and here I am ready with a new movie review which has released today, on 15th September 2017! Come; let’s check out the movie so that you can decide if this can be your entertainment for this weekend.

Simran-the highly anticipated movie directed by Hansal Mehta where Kangna Ranawat played the character of Praful Patel, who is a Gujju girl of 30 years, divorced and working as a housekeeper. She is a kleptomaniac, addicted to alcohol, divorced, gambler yet she is very ambitious towards her life. The story is based on a real life character named Sandeep Kaur who is an Indian – American whose sensational story had become quite famous. She is also known as “Bombshell Bandit” or “Gambling Queen”. Sandeep Kaur is now serving the sixty-six-month jail sentence for robbing bank in the US.

Click the read more option to go through the movie review


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How to make Amazing Rasgullas at Home

Festive Season Recipe- Rasgulla 

Rasgullas are one of the famous sweets that every person loves to have. Though Rasgullas are made and available at sweet shops at various places in India, the authentic style of soft juicy Rasgullas are famous from West Bengal and Odisha. Especially people who are Bengalis and stays outside Bengal can realize the difference. And in this high priced market especially Bengalees are craving to buy sweets as it is getting little expensive. So it is better to learn to make Rasgullas at home so that you can have it as much as you love in quantity even for your guests! Durga Puja is coming and this Durga Puja make some amazing Rasgullas for your family and friends. So come let’s see what are the tricks you need to follow while you prepare Rasgullas.

Ingredients you need to prepare 30 medium sized Rasgullas:

• Two liters of full cream cow milk
• Three cups of sugar (near about 750 gms)
• One cup of dahi/ curd
• One tea spoon of cardamom powder
• Seven cups of water (1.5 lts)
• One table spoon of all purpose flour (maida)

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