Author: Pramit Roy

DIGITIZATION- A Solution or a Curse for Common Man?


We have seen a wave of measures being taken by the current government to promote digitization across the length and breadth of the country.

Mobile Wallets, UPI, and Mobile Apps to name a few have been actively promoted across all channels (print/electronic/social). Our elected leaders too have started wooing people into the benefits of going digital.

Amidst this surge in the pressure on the “aam aadmi” to adopt digitization, I feel that there is a gradual feeling of despondency, frustration as well as anger creeping slowly and steadily in the common man. A man who sometimes back had to think only about earning a square meal a day for him and his family, has to know suddenly rattle up User Id’s and Passwords across several “Digital Platforms” !

Obvious questions that come in mind are:

  1. Is the whole country ready to adopt this digital wave?
  2. Are our systems, processes as well as controls (digital security systems) full proof to avoid the deadly menace of hacking & online frauds?
  3. Is 21st century India (and here I mean our farmers too) literate enough to adopt digitization…


Think India Think…

Keep reading us to know more on pros and cons of digitization. Share your comments below about your view on digitization.

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