Author: Rajat Subhra Sen

The Real Picture of Benaras

An Encounter with the Dead and the Living: Benaras

Whitewashed buildings that stand out glowing in the sun, historic houses, embellished front gates that screams of a golden era that just passed by, prehistoric ghats that scorns the sense out of resting eyes and ears, smell of fresh milk products and marijuana that greets each and every walking soul who come to explore the thronging landscape, narrow lanes where cows and oxen stand in solitude as the world passes by, forms the city that has maintained the same image for almost five centuries. There are obvious tell-tale signs of modernization which has for far more obvious reason never subdued the ancient qualities that existed in the city.

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The Anomaly

The Anomaly of R

I’m frigid, I’m deep, carelessly seeing the world go by,

I cannot mix, dwelling in my own world as people sway with the tide.

I’m deep, capable of talking when no one listens to me-

I converse with myself since I have no friends free. I live by my own terms, not dictated by common norms

I find pleasure where most would rather not storm.

Imaginary, prancing my fingers on tricksy volume of air,

I derive my solitude and solace from unrealistic affairs.

Bipolar one shouts, schizophrenic the other-

The real world is a world apart which only brings despair.

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