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A good job is depends on a good resume

some time it is luck to get good job opportunity which never work always. Most of the time you have to prepare your self for better career opportunities. you have to be very serious and clear about your career path if you are a fresher and very professional and committed if you are experienced.

A Professional resume can create a good impact on recruiters which increase your resume shortlisting ratio. It may be a challenge for a fresher to get to know what to put in resume what not to put and for experienced job seeker it is a subject of “time” they hardly get time to furnish a resume themselves.

As per my experience we need an adviser some time to get out of all sort of confusion because most to the time what you do you try to fit yourself in somebody else resume. It is hard to difficult to express you through else one edited profile because you are thoroughly different person.

Now what to do? you can do some research over internet about “how to write a resume?” or you can simply hire a professional who will do counsel you about your candidature, will provide you the questionnaire to answer it well. then will furnish a Draft for you and they will send it to you for your approval. This is the way which I follow to get my resume written by a professional and I always recommend them as a professional affordable resume writer in India professional affordable resume writer in India. they are DraftOver.Com

Now you have a professional resume in your hand then start searching job but carefully what to do and what not to do are as following :


To do :

  1. Create Profile on all Job Portals
  2. Always keep your salary expectations negotiable if you are actively looking for a job change.
  3.  Do not forget to mention your skills in profile because most of the time recruiters search through skill sets.
  4. Visit career pages of renowned companies and apply their.

Not to Do :

  1. Do not write in profile title that you are looking for a job change / Actively / Urgently looking for a job Change.
  2. Do not send bulk mails to recruiters, if you are sending then send one by one and add cover letter in E – Mail body.

Draftover also have their association with Recruitment Consultants in India too where you can post your resume. It is also a big support to get some interview opportunities which are free from Appointment Cell. I prefer them because the provide free Jobs in India



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