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How to make Amazing Rasgullas at Home

Festive Season Recipe- Rasgulla 

Rasgullas are one of the famous sweets that every person loves to have. Though Rasgullas are made and available at sweet shops at various places in India, the authentic style of soft juicy Rasgullas are famous from West Bengal and Odisha. Especially people who are Bengalis and stays outside Bengal can realize the difference. And in this high priced market especially Bengalees are craving to buy sweets as it is getting little expensive. So it is better to learn to make Rasgullas at home so that you can have it as much as you love in quantity even for your guests! Durga Puja is coming and this Durga Puja make some amazing Rasgullas for your family and friends. So come let’s see what are the tricks you need to follow while you prepare Rasgullas.

Ingredients you need to prepare 30 medium sized Rasgullas:

• Two liters of full cream cow milk
• Three cups of sugar (near about 750 gms)
• One cup of dahi/ curd
• One tea spoon of cardamom powder
• Seven cups of water (1.5 lts)
• One table spoon of all purpose flour (maida)

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Chana Masala Recipe

Delicious Punjabi Dhaba Style Chana Masala

Chana that is chickpea is excellent for health. Chickpea is boosted with various nutrients. It is a power house of fibers, protein, folate, and manganese. It is better for digestive health. It belongs to the legume family. So this is a great protein and fiber source for vegetarian people.

I always plan what will be my menu for next day. I got my eyes on chickpea. I always want to give something healthy to my family. And eating healthy does not mean eating boring. So let’s start. Let me share my recipe for Chana Masala in Restaurant style but yet it will be healthy and cooked in healthy oil. Even beginners can cook it. It’s so easy! So, come let’s begin.. 

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Mixed Vegetable Soup

Oil Free Mixed Vegetable Soup

Nowadays people are concentrating having less oily food. Even they are looking for food which is cooked by zero oil and can be replaced with a meal. So, in that case, the recipe need to nutritious. So I am sharing one recipe which I tried in my kitchen today and which is completely delicious. People like me who always want to have something tasty; this recipe is catering my taste buds too. It will definitely be your choice too. One more thing this recipe is for beginners and even college students can try this recipe. So let’s start.

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Healthy Wholesome Salad-Master Salad Recipe

Master Salad Recipe

Hey, in this pollution surrounded environment, we want to and definitely need to have something which is really healthy and at the same time, it must enhance our taste buds. This dish must be easy to prepare should not take much time and people of all age group must enjoy.

So let’s start with a unique salad. By the name of salad you guys, must be frowning, Salad! How can it be tasty, but yes! Salads can be tasty too. Believe me. And the salad which I am going to share is made up with simple ingredients that you can get in the market. People who are staying in suburbs and small towns- for them all products are not always available but today the salad which I am going to share can easily be made with products which can be easily available.  Come let’s start. Once in the finish this I will also share what are the health benefits of master salad which you can find in next article. This salad must be prepared at least once every week. I will share the recipe in vegetarian, non- vegetarian and even eggetarian mode.

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