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How to Celebrate Green and Pollution free Diwali this Year?

Celebrate Green Diwali in 2017

This Diwali celebration is surrounded by a lot of restrictions, be it Firecracker ban or a movement towards avoiding China product usage. I thought a lot on this…as since from childhood for us, Diwali meant lighting in the whole house with small ‘tuni’ bulbs and diyas, sweets and lots of firecrackers. And now all of a sudden when obstructions and restrictions are coming in our way, then how can we celebrate it with the fun of that similar level. I thought a lot and came up with small ideas. Today I am going to share those with you, hope this will help you to celebrate your Diwali in a similar way.

Emotional touch.

Have you ever seen a dog or cat or any other animal running about here and there during each Diwali while people start bursting crackers? You must have noticed. We all know animals are far more sensitive than a human being, especially they can hear and smell more deeply than us, and all of a sudden when the crackers start bursting they cannot relate it and out of fear they start to run here and there. Last year, I still remember the very next day of Diwali I saw a black colored roadside dog of our locality got severely ill, due to a sudden burn on his back and spinal area due to flying crackers which came and burst over him, Thank God! He is still alive now far better and can move on himself, but he lost his running capacity. And this is a true story! This happens everywhere. Coming to air pollution, you all know how our area and environment is getting polluted day by day. Now even kids along with elders are suffering from asthma, do you know why? It’s just because of air pollution. So if we can contribute little to stop or lessen this air pollution rate, then why not?

So this Diwali let us make a promise to make our world and environment better. Let’s try to give a healthy life and environment to our elders, younger fellows and to those innocent animals and pets.

Twelve Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali this Year:

But still we cannot miss our happiness, fun, and celebration so let’s check out what we can do this Diwali:

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Know How to Build Your Self Confidence from Scratch

Smart Tricks to Build Your Self Confidence from Scratch

Have you ever felt that your life is of no use? Are you a loser? And everyone is better than you? You are trying hard but still, you are not achieving it? At times you start feeling that your life has no worth. When everyone is happy and you are not? You keep on finding the reason and answer but you are not getting the answer, right? Today you will get your answer here. This happens because you at times suffer due to lack of confidence.  Life becomes sorrowful and difficult when you, I and we all suffer from lack of self-confidence. And this often happens when you suffer failure, loss, insult and people around you starts discouraging and starts losing hope for you.

Confidence is the most important part of being in good health and a good mind.  Without self-confidence life will become hell and we will never able to achieve what we have planned for ourselves. And we all know this but still at some point of time we start suffering from this, right? Today in this article I will discuss some tips which will help you to boost up your self-confidence whenever you will suffer from it. This will help to stop ruining your life and look into the matters in a more positive way with the hope of success.

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Secret Tips for Successful Career

Hey, all SUCCESS– the word always follows us everywhere we go. People expect from us, we expect from our self. And whatever we do or aim the end result which we look for is the success. Success can be through money, name, and fame but how to get it? We always think about. Let’s find it today, which we can follow and get our desired success.

Do you know everyone has two typical natures? – One which helps us to advance and the other one that pulls us back. For example if you want to rise early in the morning you will set alarm and determine to get up- this is the advance you who strives to seek success, but the other one is when your alarm rings and your inner self-says “let me sleep for more half an hour, nothing is going to happen”, this is the one who pulls you back. But it all depends on us, which one we want to cultivate and who we want to be.

Moreover, if you have right trainer, your strict mentor and your individual good habits and strong determination will definitely help you to be successful. People can assist you but it’s you who will decide how to go about it. The first thing which you need to do is to conquer your bad habits and weakness. This is the first step to adopt other habits to get success. Next is you need to set firm resolution, have faith in what you want to do.

Let’s now discuss some easy steps and theories which if you follow then success will definitely knock you soon!

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