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Bullet Train is to be launched in India: All you need to know- its benefits and challenges

Bullet Train Project Launched: The New India Aspirations is growing High!

India is progressing. From bullock cart to railways, trams, buses, the airplane, jet plane, helicopter, then metro railways and now bullet train. India is now just in its progressing phase, and now the way the Government is working rigorously things are going to mature very fast. The deal for the bullet train to be launched in India was signed back in 2015. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has launched the initial work for India’s first high- speed bullet train on 14th September 2017, Thursday. The train will be launched in Gujarat, Narendra Modi’s native state. The first train will be running between Ahmadabad and Mumbai. 

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The main things which you need to know:

  • For this bullet train project, Japan has funded near about 88 crores in the form of a soft loan, which will be returned by India at 0.1 % interest rate for over 50 years. Japan is investing more than 81 percent of the total budget.
  • The total cost of the bullet train project is of Rupees 1.1 lakh crore.
  • This project is a joint venture between Shinkansen Technology which is a Japanese Firm and Indian Railways.
  • As per the time estimation provided by Shinkansen Technology, the first train would roll out by the year 2023.
  • But as per the statement provided by railway minister Mr. Piyush Goyal, Mr. Narendra Modi wants this train to get launched on 15th August 2022 when India will complete 75 years of Independence.
  • The average speed of the train will be 250 km per hour and the top speed will go up to 320 km per hour. Gradually with more innovation, the train can run even double the top speed. This will be the fastest train in India.
  • The first train that will be launched will have the capacity to carry 750 passengers from Gujarat to Mumbai.
  • The travel time for traveling from Gujarat to Mumbai will be reduced from 8hrs to approx 3 hrs or little more if it stops at all twelve stations. But it halts at only four major stations then it can complete the travel distance within two hours.
  • There is a lot of route planning made to run this train. The total distance stretch will be of 508 km out of which 92 % of the route will be made with elevation, 6 % will be covered via tunnel and rest will be on the ground. This bullet train will run through India’s longest tunnel of 21ks out which 7 km will be under the sea near Thane!
  • But Maharashtra government is still in the decision-making process which will be the end stoppage for the bullet train in Mumbai. The state government has agreed to spare 9000 sq. feet plot at Bandra Kurla Complex for an alternative site.


The challenges on which government is working on are land acquisition, evacuation process with proper alternate facilities, Human resource development to complete the project, route design and further future expansion planning. 

PM Modi declared that in the way of “New India” Japan has proved to be a true and strong friend. India is now towards fulfilling its dream. Both the prime ministers Modi and Abe has laid the foundation stone for an institute at Vadodara where near about 4000 people will be trained for this bullet train project. There was a grand reception arranged for Mr. Abe on Wednesday afternoon that was on 13th Sept. Both the leaders had some summit meetings. They are also planning to focus on strengthening security and defense ties. They are also planning to corporate each other in the nuclear energy sector.


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Review of Rocket League

Rocket League

Numerous times, we have had one of those ideas which seem bonkers or just the ramblings of a crazy mind. Psyonix’s Rocket league is one of those mad rambling. Playing soccer with an over sized football and rocket powered cars sounds like a child’s project to make life interesting and this is what Psuonix has exactly done. They have mixed this crazy idea with in-game physics to provide one of the most involving and entertaining video games of all times. Ever since its inception i.e. July 7, 2015 Rocket league has captured interest of players of all age and from all parts of the world, so much so that they hold World Championship series every year with numerous teams participating from all over the world.

In my experience, i have seldom played a game with so little to learn from the tutorials and just let my interest and experience guide me through the play offs. The controls of the game is fairly simple and easy. You get a set of keys to help you drive your car, collect the boost from the boost pads which helps you achieve supersonic speed. By mixing driving skills and the rocket powered cars one can achieve the goal of this game which is mostly putting the ball in oppositions net just like a football match. Although the games provides other sports scenarios such as Ice-hockey, Hoops and rumble to make the existing game play more interesting by involving a puck, a basketball and some crazy mutators which activate at regular interval respectively.

Click at read more option to know the complete review of rocket league

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“Muntra”- India’s First Unmanned Tank has Been Launched

“Muntra”- India’s First Unmanned Tank has been launched

 Muntra is another technological success achieved by Chennai: DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) lab. Muntra is the series of the unmanned tank which can be operated remotely has been launched, tested and validated at Mahajan field firing range in Rajasthan. Army has reported that they have operated it successfully even under a dusty desert condition with temperature to a height of 52-degree centigrade.

Muntra- the name comes from Mission Unmanned Track. Muntra has three series Muntra S, Muntra M and Muntra N.

Muntra S- It is country’s very first unmanned vehicle which can be tracked. This tank has been developed for various unmanned surveillance operation.

Muntra M- This tank is used for detecting mines.

Muntra N- It will be used for operation in the areas which under bio weapon risk or where the area is affected by nuclear radiation.

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