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“Muntra”- India’s First Unmanned Tank has Been Launched

“Muntra”- India’s First Unmanned Tank has been launched

 Muntra is another technological success achieved by Chennai: DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) lab. Muntra is the series of the unmanned tank which can be operated remotely has been launched, tested and validated at Mahajan field firing range in Rajasthan. Army has reported that they have operated it successfully even under a dusty desert condition with temperature to a height of 52-degree centigrade.

Muntra- the name comes from Mission Unmanned Track. Muntra has three series Muntra S, Muntra M and Muntra N.

Muntra S- It is country’s very first unmanned vehicle which can be tracked. This tank has been developed for various unmanned surveillance operation.

Muntra M- This tank is used for detecting mines.

Muntra N- It will be used for operation in the areas which under bio weapon risk or where the area is affected by nuclear radiation.

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