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The Anomaly

The Anomaly of R

I’m frigid, I’m deep, carelessly seeing the world go by,

I cannot mix, dwelling in my own world as people sway with the tide.

I’m deep, capable of talking when no one listens to me-

I converse with myself since I have no friends free. I live by my own terms, not dictated by common norms

I find pleasure where most would rather not storm.

Imaginary, prancing my fingers on tricksy volume of air,

I derive my solitude and solace from unrealistic affairs.

Bipolar one shouts, schizophrenic the other-

The real world is a world apart which only brings despair.

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Mixed Vegetable Soup

Oil Free Mixed Vegetable Soup

Nowadays people are concentrating having less oily food. Even they are looking for food which is cooked by zero oil and can be replaced with a meal. So, in that case, the recipe need to nutritious. So I am sharing one recipe which I tried in my kitchen today and which is completely delicious. People like me who always want to have something tasty; this recipe is catering my taste buds too. It will definitely be your choice too. One more thing this recipe is for beginners and even college students can try this recipe. So let’s start.

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