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Interesting Facts about India

Know Unknown Facts about India on Independence Day

Hey! Today we are celebrating the completion of 70 years of Independence. On 15th August 2017, our honorable Prime Minister Modi is going to inaugurate 71st day of Independence. Isn’t it amazing but there are still some facts which are not well known to all.

Do you know who introduced national flag of India?  It was actually Pingali Venkayya who introduced the idea of the national flag at Bezwada in 1921. The concept was of the tri-color which consisted Red and green depicting the two major communities of the country with white representing all other community in the middle along with a spinning wheel. Gandhiji’s contribution was to add white color and spinning wheel representing progress. This was later modified where red color was changed to saffron and spinning wheel with Ashoka Chakra.

Do you know when and where the first place to hoist the National Flag was? The date is 7th August 1906 and not 15th August 1947. The place was Parsee Bagan Square at Green Park Calcutta. And the flag was composed of three strips of color red, yellow and green. The red strip at the top had eight roses embossed in a row. There was a white sun on the left side and white crescent and star on the right of the green strip.

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