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Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life- Episode 10

Renaissance- The Story of a Cadet’s Life

Recap- In the last episode we have seen that when army officer was asking about who are going to win the gold medals, Farhaan had a neglecting attitude, but the army officer commanded him that it is his responsibility to bring at least five gold medals. Going further the NCC officer asked Farhaan what he was doing there when Shaksham reached, he asked to call Saksham and Farhaan though that they got caught for smoking. Now let’s see what happened next.

 Episode- 10

 As they reached near, Shaksham takes the attention position and saluted him, he raises his right hand sharply, fingers and thumb extended and joined, palm facing front, and place the tip of right forefinger on the rim of the visor slightly to the right of the right eye. Then he bowed down his hand and stood. 

 Then the N.C.C officer said, “Rest” then Shaksham turns to the rest position smartly. NCC officer address to the Shaksham, “dear, your friend Farhaan is moving first time in the camp as a senior under officer, he is a squad leader today and going to represent our college and he is smoking with another senior under officer, at the end of railway platform and thinking that no one is observing, I am not happy to catch hold of you while you were smoking and were destroying both your lungs, but remember when you are wearing the NCC uniforms then at least in front of your juniors do not perform your demerit because we dream of a healthy India”

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Inspiring Story of Singing Sensation from Dhampur

Meet Pushpendra  Chauhan the Music Promoter from Dhampur, Bijnor, UP

Being from a non-musical background to curriculum setter of academic musical course in schools, the journey has been wonderful.

“Never give up attitude” has dragged Pushpendra to open his own institute in Dhampur, which prepares students who are to be the future musical sensation of our country. Socially he has a mission to promote music amongst students of below poverty line in urban areas so that music can be a way for survival for those who have this God-gifted talent.

Pushpendra Chauhan a small town boy from Sedhi

The Childhood Journey

Since childhood days Pushpendra was keen towards music. There was something which dragged him towards it- May be some old connection of past life or some God gifted boon. When he was a kid in his village, The Ramayana and Mahabharata path was organized, he used to get attracted towards it unknowingly. He used to keep on thinking how his voice will sound like in Mike if he sings. He used to copy those Kathas and recite it. He used to go to these Kathas stealthily, hiding from family and started to listen to it and memorize it.  He used to climb from one roof to another (at village roof of all houses remained connected) so easily he could reach the place where Katha was conducted.  He started singing in these Pathas, though he knew his parents will get to know one day, he could not resist himself, the desire and hunger for singing grew more. When he was at the 9th class he started singing in school functions. Even teachers and students used to listen to his song in free periods. But due to his passion, he started to get aloof from studies which led him to fail in one subject in 10th, which led to strictness from his parents and whatever little freedom he got from them all were stopped. He was asked to concentrate on studies. He was even not allowed to go out.  But this could not help him to pass. Getting away from music made him more distracted and next time he failed in two subjects. This was during years 2006. His parents even got disappointed and gave up on him. It was his friend Brijmohan who used to push him towards music and asked him to do further studies in music. He used to run an attachakki, and as he even loved music, he was just crazy about music. He is a very good lyrics writer. And for ten years of Pushpendra’s life, Brijmohan was a great companion and was a great motivator for Pushpendra.  Fun, Masti, learning, singing, recording!- He was a great companion of Pushpendra. He taught Pushpendra to play Congo- a rhythmic instrument. He bought it especially for him and a recorder too- they used to play and sing with it and used to record it for future reference.

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The Anomaly

The Anomaly of R

I’m frigid, I’m deep, carelessly seeing the world go by,

I cannot mix, dwelling in my own world as people sway with the tide.

I’m deep, capable of talking when no one listens to me-

I converse with myself since I have no friends free. I live by my own terms, not dictated by common norms

I find pleasure where most would rather not storm.

Imaginary, prancing my fingers on tricksy volume of air,

I derive my solitude and solace from unrealistic affairs.

Bipolar one shouts, schizophrenic the other-

The real world is a world apart which only brings despair.

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Significance of Auspicious Festival Raksha Bandhan

RAKSHA BANDHAN – The Unifying Bond of Love between Brothers and Sisters.

Indian celebrates many festivals in a year. We are extremely lucky that we are Indians we have lots of chance to forget our sorrow, tensions, workload etc. Just because of our regional festivals before many days we start preparation for every festival and feel joy in our mind and get peace.

As we know festivals give us happiness and on another side, some festival ties up with our spirit, yes I am talking about Raksha Bandhan.

It falls on Shravan month full moon day as calculation of Hindu calendar. It’s not only a festival it’s a feeling which ties up with the thread of love and is bound with promises and duty. Brother always stands with his sister to protect her. And sister prays to God for her brothers bless him with lifelong with prosperity healthy wealthy.

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