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Know the Heritage Sites which are Must Visit Places in Nalanda, Bihar

Nalanda- The Most Ancient Treasure Of India In Respect To Education, History, Culture And Religion

Bihar has always been another treasure of our country. With times there may be a deterioration of the place due to some political and social issues but yes, if you want to look back towards our treasure of history, Nalanda will come up to be a gem place. Nalanda has been the first global seat of learning. This was the oldest university and eminent center of learning that existed in the ancient age before Oxford or Cambridge. This place got its reference even in the writing of Huan Tsang and I- Tsing. Nalanda is located in Southeast direction of Patna and is about 95 kilometers away from Patna near Bihar Sharif. Nalanda was the pride of Magadha (currently known as Bihar) which still infuses a feeling of nostalgia among us.

Nalanda word is basically a Sanskrit word which comes from three words- Na+alam+Daa that mean “no stop for giving out knowledge”. It was Mahavihara which had a lot of nalas- which means lotus stalks. That is why Lotus symbolizes knowledge.

It is believed that Gupta Dynasty founded the university. Shakraditya is accredited for the foundation of the University. Nalanda University was established probably during the reign of Kumara Gupta. In 1193, Nalanda University was completely destroyed by Turkish Army which was led by Bakhtiar Khilji of Mamluk Dynasty.

In 1915 during an excavation done by Archeological Survey of India, remains of Nalanda University were found out. Nalanda University rather Nalanda the place has its great importance in Buddhism and Jainism. It is said that Mahavira had spent near about fourteen rainy seasons in Nalanda and Gautama Buddha used to deliver speeches to his disciples at Nalanda. 

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Harshavardhana, Dharmapala, Vasubandhu, Suvishnu, Dharmakirti, Asanga,  Shantarakhsita, Aryadeva, Nagarjuna, Padmasambhava, Hwui Li, and  Xuanzang were some notable scholars who passed of Nalanda University.


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