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Healthy Wholesome Salad-Master Salad Recipe

Master Salad Recipe

Hey, in this pollution surrounded environment, we want to and definitely need to have something which is really healthy and at the same time, it must enhance our taste buds. This dish must be easy to prepare should not take much time and people of all age group must enjoy.

So let’s start with a unique salad. By the name of salad you guys, must be frowning, Salad! How can it be tasty, but yes! Salads can be tasty too. Believe me. And the salad which I am going to share is made up with simple ingredients that you can get in the market. People who are staying in suburbs and small towns- for them all products are not always available but today the salad which I am going to share can easily be made with products which can be easily available.  Come let’s start. Once in the finish this I will also share what are the health benefits of master salad which you can find in next article. This salad must be prepared at least once every week. I will share the recipe in vegetarian, non- vegetarian and even eggetarian mode.

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