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History of Ivory

The story of Ivory

Elephants have been always one of the most valuable animals on earth. This peace loving animal once was of great value due to its tusk- ivory. Ivory was and is an extremely valuable element. Previously Ivory was in huge use. Ivory used to signify high level and affluent class. Ivory is basically a bone tissue and except elephant, it is also available in few other animals like hippopotamus, walrus, and whale. Even in Peru, Colombia you will get a nut which resembles ivory and is known as vegetable ivory.  Ivory is very rare and expensive. It became so famous because it is easy to do carvings on ivory and moreover Ivory is durable and has wonderful bright color. Thus Ivory became very demanding among people.

Due to the high demand of ivory people started killing elephants mercilessly which made various countries to declare elephant as an endangered species and killing elephant became a punishable offense and ivory was banned.

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