Twinkle Anand
Twinkle is a housewife with a passion to do something remarkable in life. Education wise she is MBA degree holder, but due to family responsibilities she is currently focusing on family life, but at the same she want to pursue her passion. She loves to write and want to convey her feeling and thoughts though various articles. She is a sweet personality. She is a strong believer in God and is extremely caring towards her family and dear ones.
My Articles
Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das,Photographer- “World is full of beauty and surprises”- Capturing these surprise and beauty in camera drives me crazy. Making God’s creation look more beautiful and enhancing them to create a real portray is my only passion. Though born in a rural place named Islampur of Murshidabad, West Bengal still since childhood, I am driven by this dream of become a good photographer. Being a geography Honors graduate and having degree in Graphic Design and Web Design has helped to get a good job in market which I am doing since last two years. Running a firm named Inframe is just out of my passion. Trying to avail my creations through photography drives me at Paanchforon.
Pramit Roy
Hi Everyone... Let me introduce myself as Pramit Roy. I am a Banker by proffession and am currently employed with one of the leading Private Banks of the country. A Bong to the core, Maach /Bhaat, Ghoti/Bangal, Mohun Bagan/EastBengal Parar Thek occupy very prominent positions in my lifestyle. Needless to say that cuisines from across the globe satisfy my taste buds very frequently... An ardent football & cricket follower, I sometimes take the liberty of bunking office for attending matches at the venue!! Looking forward to connect with a wide plethora of individuals and thereby engaging in active and meaningful conversations...
Rajat Subhra Sen
“Everything you can imagine is real.”- Pablo Picasso From a very early age works and styles of different authors inspired me to dabble in writings of my own and I took every possible opportunity to use my fingers to the fullest. Even today, anything that can be a source of inspiration, from an object to a gigantic phenomenon, excites me to wander off to far stretches of imagination all the while remaining rooted to my unassuming existence. It is only recently that I wanted to engage my entire efforts to full time writing and provide fragments of my imagination to avid readers. I’m based out of Kolkata leading a very ordinary life that is expected out of ordinary people. Having sampled the conventional corporate life I’m presently a freelancer writing on various subjects and experiencing freedom and flexibility and at the same time rejuvenating my soul. I also love to travel and have a flair for cooking different cuisines. Of course, everything starts with caffeine in the beginning.
Dev Rawat
Creative Artist
" Design and colors are the two things that make my eyes go crazy". Creativity drives me to Paanchforon. Sketching, coloring has always been my area of interest which later became my career through Graphic design and product design. Contributing my graphic skills in Paachforon has made me to be here.